Language as discussed in Vedic times

I was joking with an ECE classmate of mine. Imagine a discussion on communication topics in the Rig Veda times.

An Interesting riddle from the Veda time frame..

Chatvari shringa trayo asya pada dve shirshe sapta hastaso asya.

tridha baddho vrishabho roravIti maho devo martyan a vivesha.

चत्वारि श्रृंगा त्रयो अस्य पादा द्वे शीर्षे सप्त हस्तासो अस्य ।
त्रिधा बद्धो वृषभो रोरवीति महोदेवा…

Chip of the same Block..

A thing of beauty brings in awe. Be it technology space or be it algorithms.. Be it performance in the Olympic winners or the work of Mozarts, artists, and master chefs.

After the terrible war, Yudhistira is devastated. He was saddened to learn that Karna was his own blood. He approaches the Grandsire Bheeshma on his bed of arrows for seeking the knowledge of the Ultimate destination, the Ultimate dharma and the Ultimate japa, and Song of glory. And the 1000 names of Glory of the Absolute and the backdrop for Vishnu Sahasranamam

I was listening to a few talks…

A linguistic view of the Alexas & Siris

What makes their names unique and interesting? Do they even have a deep meaning? And how easy are they to call out across the globe? And how natural does it feel to call these assistants?

In the era of digital modernization, technology has come a long way. In the avatar of Voice Assistants, always awake, yours truly the assistant is only a call away. You ask for it and the Genie connects you to the cloud of information and services.

Well, at the naming party.. the names have to be pleasing, unique, short, simple, and contemporary, just like the trends…

Outlining a few compositions

I happen to land on this beautiful music Page hosted by Anil Garu, son of Balakrishna Prasad Garu of TTD who has given music to many compositions of Annamayya. Exclusive music lessons and nuances on Annamacharya Sankeertanalu delivered in a very pleasing manner. The series motivated me to reflect on the bhava and the outline of the familiar songs.

Born in 1400AD timeframe, with Kabir, Akbar, Guru Nanak as his contemporaries, Annamayya had a special affinity for Lord Venkateshwara of Tirumala. It is said that he began composing at the age of 16, and at least one song each day…

Unfolding the layers of this 6 verse poem

Imagine a little poem describing a gallery of events. And the word containers are chained like a linked list.. How cool would that be? Welcome to the brilliance of Shankaracharya's poetry.

With the software analogy of Filters, Data Structures, Stack, Dictionary etc, let us gauge the layers of depth in appreciating this tiny work. A little stretch exercise to our cognitive pipeline and welcome to the world of non linear expressions.

Filter Effects

An Instagram pic can seem immensely beautiful due to the magic of the filters. Poetry too can have several filters enhancing and ornamenting the message.

Outline, Phrases, Frequent Words & Chanting Tips

Shiva Tandava was composed by Ravana who was a great devotee of Shiva. He came to Kailasha all the way from the South. As he sang, he started ascending the hill upwards.

The periodic and exquisite rumble of sounds is quite a feat, making it a great tongue twister. This post provides a simple story-like outline and breaks down the lyrics into simple phrases. Hopefully, you can chant this stotram with some ease, if it has been on your wish list.

The lyrics follow a beautiful pattern of short and long syllables. la laa.. la laa.. la laa.. la laa…

A tiny theme based dictionary

When the words begin to shine, the emotions and the message of the song slowly begin to trickle in. A naama keertana of prominent words classified under themes.

Spring at Brindavan

brundAvana vipinE (woods of Brundavan)

sarasa vasantE (ecstasy of spring)
kOmala malaya sameerE (gentle mountain winds)
kunja kuTeerE (bowers and cottages)
kisalaya Sayana (grass beds)
yamunAjala pootE (pure waters of yamuna), yamuna teerE(banks), yamunA jala koolE

Trees & Plants

madhukara, alikula sankula(cluster of bees)
kOkila koojita (cooing cuckoos)
mruga mada sourabha (perfume of musk deer)
kunja, nikunja (bowers & creepers)
kusuma samooha (cluster of flowers)
lalita lavanga latA(lavanga creeper)
tamAla(bay leaf), kinSuka (flame flower),
kEsara, kEtaka
paaTali paTala…

An outline on Jayadeva’s Astapadis and the magic of sounds

“If remembering Hari enriches your heart,
If his raasa leela arouse you,
Listen to the Saraswati of Jayadeva,
in the soft words of his songs”

“yadi hari smaraNE sarasam manO
yadi vilAsa kaLA sukutoohalam
madhura kOmala kAnta padAvaLeem
SruNu tadA jayadEva sarasvatim”

An opening verse in Jayadeva’s own words inviting you to enjoy the beautiful Astapadis. A few years back while I was attending the spoken Sanskrit workshop, these were the words from our esteemed teacher. There was a sense of enchantment as he chanted this verse. And that motivated me to discover Gita Govinda through the years.

Jayadeva was…

A tale of mental math for the perfect cube roots. And a surprise awaits at the end of the “cube” trail.

It was a Sunday evening in Trichy. The kids were playing a game of stones. Every time she visited them, she had something interesting to show. Today, it was about “cube roots”…

On Binary Coding, Combinatorics, Pascal’s triangle, and Fibonacci Series

More than a thousand years back, what had motivated the great minds to ideate Binary numbers, Combinatorics, Pascal Triangle, and Fibonacci Number like parallels?

When the creative mindset of “poetry and combinations” blends with the logical mindset of “deduction and problem solving”. Meet the genius and audacity of the Indian rishi Pingala.

The domain of “audio sounds” and “rhythm” as a platform for expressing “profound thoughts” in the tradition of “oral transmission”.

A simplistic intuition into the topic.

About a decade back when I first heard the field medalist Manjul Bhargav explaining “Fibonacci series had its roots in the ancient…

Sujatha R

I write.. I weave.. I walk.. कवयामि.. वयामि.. यामि.. Musings on Patterns, Linguistics, Math, Technology

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