Graduation Speech of the Vedic times..

Shikshavalli of Taittireya Upanishad.. Some bits..

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In my middle school years, the days would begin with the loud singing of school prayers and shanti mantras. Little did I know about the language or the meaning. It did seem like an alien force of stimulation..

Upanishads.. Thanks to the countless teachers for its transmission to mankind. The potent verses are sometimes tiny as fragments. They were revelations to the great rishis in the heart of deep contemplation.

The sounds.. The voices of exploration.. The passion for knowledge systems and continuous learning.. The familiar verses like ‘matru devo bhava’.. All of this makes it a fascinating topic of muse. Thanks to the internet, I could pause, contemplate and enjoy the ancient code.. Some bits..

At a graduation speech in Stanford, Steve Jobs once remarked.. “Stay Hungry.. Stay Foolish”.. The biksha of Knowledge for the earnest empty Seeker..

Invoking the Elements.. Prayer of Peace.. Shanti Mantra

May Elements and Forces be favorable.
May Mitra, Varuna, Indra, Brihaspati, Vishnu be auspicious to us.

Salutations to the Absolute one.. Salutations to Vayu
I declare you the Absolute.. as I perceive through you..

I shall speak the Truth..

Protect Me.. Protect the Teacher..
May there be Peace at every level..

ॐ शं नो मित्रः शं वरुणः॥ शं नो भवत्वर्यमा॥ शं न इन्द्रो बृहस्पतिः॥ शं नो विष्णुरुरुक्रमः।

नमो ब्रह्मणे॥ नमस्ते वायो॥

त्वमेव प्रत्यक्षं ब्रह्मासि॥ त्वमेव प्रत्यक्षं ब्रह्म वदिष्यामि॥

ऋतं वदिष्यामि॥ सत्यं वदिष्यामि॥

तन्मामवतु। तद्वक्तारमवतु॥ अवतु माम्‌। अवतु वक्तारम्‌।ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः॥

Phonetics and Speech

Now we shall explore the principle of phonetics..
Letters, Syllable length, modulation, accent, stretch

The 5 Pillars of Transmission Systems

May there be peace and victory for us both, in the light of this sacred knowledge..

Now we shall expound on the five pillars of Knowledge. Physical World, Lights, Knowledge Systems, Progeny, and Knowledge of the Self..
अधिलोकम् अधिज्योतिषम् अधिविद्यम् अधिप्रजम् अध्यात्मम्

**Earth, Air, Sky, and the physical world around..

**Sun, Fire, medium, the light of the Eye, and the world of Vision

**Master, Student, expositions, and the transmission of Knowledge!

**Mother, Father, Procreation, and the transmission of Progeny

**Lower lip, Upper lip, tongue, and the river of Speech and Liberation

अथ अतः पञ्चसु अधिकरणेषु संहितायाः उपनिषदं व्याख्यास्यामः।
अधिलोकम् अधिज्योतिषम् अधिविद्यम् अधिप्रजम् अध्यात्मम्

An invitation to learn

Oh Dear Students.. Come to me..
Oh Seekers of knowledge.. Brahmachaarins.. Come to me..
Different kinds of Students.. Come to me..
Students from different places.. Come to me..
For learning various topics.. Come to me..
By restraining your mind and senses.. Learn from me..

मा यन्तु ब्रह्मचारिणः स्वाहा। वि मायन्तु ब्रह्मचारिणः स्वाहा। प्रमायन्तु ब्रह्मचारिणः स्वाहा। दमायन्तु ब्रह्मचारिणः स्वाहा। शमायन्तु ब्रह्मचारिणः स्वाहा।

A convocation speech addressed to the graduating students of the gurukula. A reminder on gratitude, continuous learning, and embarking high values in the journey of life.

The Parting Words of Advise

Aim for a righteous life by learning and teaching..
Tread the path of Universal Truths by learning and teaching..
By sheer tapas.. and by learning and teaching..
By restraint.. and by learning and teaching..

ऋतंस्वाध्यायप्रवचने चसत्यंस्वाध्यायप्रवचने चतपश्च स्वाध्यायप्रवचने चदमश्च स्वाध्यायप्रवचने चशमश्च स्वाध्यायप्रवचने च

Speak the truth.. Tread the path of Dharma..
Do not ignore Learning..

सत्यं वद। धर्मं चर
स्वाध्यायान्मा प्रमदः।

Do not ignore truth and dharma
Do not ignore material welfare
Do not ignore learning and teaching
Do not ignore Gods and Ancestors

सत्यान्न प्रमदितव्यम्‌। धर्मान्न प्रमदितव्यम्‌।कुशलान्न प्रमदितव्यम्‌। भूत्यै न प्रमदितव्यम्‌।स्वाध्यायप्रवचनाभ्यां न प्रमदितव्यम्‌। देवपितृकार्याभ्यां न प्रमदितव्यम्‌।

May you respect your parents..
May you respect your teachers..
May you respect your guests..

मातृदेवो भव।
पितृदेवो भव।
आचार्यदेवो भव।
अतिथिदेवो भव।

Follow the noble people! Follow what is commendable!
ये के चास्मच्छ्रेयांसो ब्राह्मणाः। तेषां त्वयासनेन प्रश्वसितव्यम्‌।

For those who are befitting role models.. offer them with shraddha, modesty, awe and affection.
श्रद्धया देयम्‌। अश्रद्धयाऽदेयम्‌। श्रिया देयम्‌। ह्रिया देयम्‌। भिया देयम्‌। संविदा देयम्‌।

The commandments of the Upanishads

This is the commandment and the message from the Vedas!
This is to be done!
एष आदेशः। एष उपदेशः।एषा वेदोपनिषत्‌। एतदनुशासनम्‌। एवमुपासितव्यम्‌। एवमु चैतदुपास्यम्।




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