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Sujatha R
2 min readSep 17, 2023

Was listening to the the songs from this musical Kannada movie. There is a briskness, and a distinct freshness in the music and lyrics. So many layers of emotions and meanings pickled in the lyrics.

Saptasswara shruti seride

My Kannada is patchy. I could only catch the gist.. Gita’s ‘sheet-ushna-sukha-dukha’.. One should endure the ups and downs in life. Time is a great healer.

My Kannadiga friend shared this wonderful translation..

The Seven notes are now in harmony. [The seven siblings are now united.] The year has begun..
Saptasswara shruti seride.. Samvatsara shuru Agide

Time is a great healer.. Like the flow of water.. Time cleanses, nourishes, heals and helps in growing again..

Biru besige bisi kaayade.. mungaarina male baaradu
The life-giving monsoons dont arrive without passing through a scorching summer..

The glorious dawn comes only after a deep dark night irulu

Learn the lesson of life from the flow of water ‘oduva neeru’.. from the waterfall ‘jaladhaare’ the fact that nothing stays forever..

The rains ‘maLe’ come down washing all the old weeds, and breathing new life into fresh sprouts.

Can’t the sorrows of life heal the heartaches and pains and make us forget our wounds?

Will the wheel of life not turn? Kaala chakra

For the little sailboat to keep afloat from drowning, why does it need to fear the ocean?

Will not the milk ‘jeevana hAlu’ of life meet the sourness ‘Huli’ of sorrow and turn into delicious curd ‘masaru’?

The hard year might seem very long. It is only a second in the creator’s time span.. Samvatsara.. Manvantara.. madyantara

Saadana paaTe.. lessons of life..

Nityantara.. Stirvantara.. Hold on and be there..steady and focussed.

Baavi Kappe

Loved the marching kind of tune, and the metaphors in this song.. About innocence and foolish dreams..

Like the frog in a well, living in the bliss of ignorance till it sees the ocean.. Like the firefly wanting to light up the sky, hardly knowing the might of the Sun that follows the Night.

Having made a 1000 dreams, building castles in the air devoid of pillars and stairs..



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