AI Diffusion Model and Human Learning

Some parallels

Sujatha Ratnala
2 min readMay 17, 2024

After reading about Diffusion Model, it felt the pipeline of Human Learning process is quite like it. About Exploration of Newer Ideas. About Exploitation with known assets, knowledge and circles.

The process of inquiry, reflection and contemplation.

The cloud of mind is continually sharpened by prior works and attention mechanisms. Knowledge is harnessed, leveraged, and exploited on this foundation.

After hearing a lecture, the exploration phase pegs and gathers some key points. The next stage of reading, contemplation and discussions with mentors and circles further explores exploits and leverages prior knowledge. Sometimes foundation knowledge is incorrect and needs correction. And the tunnel of time enhances the usecases and provides holistic understanding.

Connecting the blur dots to something tangible.

Microsoft DALL E

There is a beautiful Sanskrit Quote I’m reminded of. The 4 legs and stages of learning.

The teacher’s lessons being the first checkpoint. Self study, reflection and contemplation the second milestone. Discussing with friends and circles the third. And the teacher of time unraveling newer perspectives the fourth leg.

And yet, there is another form of crystal clear learning.. As though river of knowledge transfer happens between the mighty teacher and the eligible student. As though the knowledge in entirety and metadata was downloaded. With great teachers, it feels this way. Panini in his Ashtadhyayi even has a separate grammar construct to celebrate this kind of seamless learning.



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