An Unforgettable Veena Concert

Of Moods, Raaga and Music

Sujatha R
2 min readMay 31, 2022

It was an evening of music, mindfulness, and trans. Annamacharya Jayanti celebrations in the Telugu community.

“May is the month of mindfulness. Just relax, close your eyes, and allow the music to permeate.”

The Veena artist Saraswati was a wonderful anchor. The musical extravaganza unfolded as she navigated us.

“This is raaga gambeera”.. [followed by heavy and deep notes].. “This raaga is brings stimulation at the outer level.”

“Let’s take HER blessing and I present Amma Ananda Dayini.

[Followed by an energetic presentation like the feet movement of a dance]


“Let’s move to Hamsadwani.. This is supposed to bring inner stimulation unlike gambeera bringing outer stimulation. Let’s invoke Ganapati.. Vaatapi Ganapati bhaje..”

“What are sounds? What is music?”

“There are 4 stages and sound is generated at the last stage.”
“There are thoughts, and intent.. And fueled by air and the fire of jataragni, permeate the sounds from the base mooladhara.”

“And Ganapati is Mooladhara chakram.. pranava swaroopam.. Music emanates from the deep Om within..”

[Followed by Vaatapi Ganapatim, as though the gentle ripple caused by swan in the pond of the heart]


“After invoking AMMA and GANAPATI, let’s go to Annamacharya. He portrays the masculine divinity having grace, compassion and majesty.”

“Sriman Narayana in raga BowLi. The day is just beginning. You are slowly getting up. Your clock is getting used to it. Feel the gentleness of the raaga.”

[And the mesmerizing presentation of Sriman Narayana in a slow pace]


“Now that you have woken up, how about a fast raaga rhapsody? Chiitibabu’s wedding bells..[A scintillating performance of the nostalgic fusion piece]


“How about Veda Ghoshams? Raaga Revati makes you introspect. Maybe we have too many thoughts going on in our heads. Maybe we need just a few and the rest is just noise..”

[And a goosebumps moment hearing Shanti Mantram and a few verses from Mantra Pushpam in raga Revati..]


“Shall I do Brahmamokate? A song of Unity that I perform in every tour. A raaga bowli, with more intensity..”


“It is time to close the ceremony with Kurinji raaga .. Ksheerabdi Kanyakaku..”

[and like a tide that breaks from the ocean to kiss the shore, only to go back.. the performance of music, raagas and sounds came to an end.]

This morning, I see a bunch of mini sunflowers swaying in the merry of winds.. As though meditating.. Sriman Narayana.. Sriman Narayana..

I was telling my husband.. Maybe Music needs no literacy… The ragas, notes, and terminology is for the learned folks who sing and compose..

Behind the hood of a Camera, does it matter which lens or algorithm was used to capture it? As long as the Image can captivate its audience..

An image is seen with an eye filled with awe. And music is to be heard with the eyes of the soul.



Sujatha R

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