Fourier Unfolds

As life convolutes around Elements, Filters, Signals & Systems..

Sujatha R
3 min readFeb 21, 2018

The art of finding the elements..

Independent, Orthogonal and Complete..

In tastes we have the spicy.. salty, sour, bitter and tangy. Some food may be spicy, Some may be sweet but there is no food that is outside this spectrum.

In alphabets we have the A-Z, in numbers we have 0–9, in grammar we have the noun-verb-adjective-pronoun.

In space we have the lat, long and altitude.. The GPS coordinates to be precise.

The elements that surround us keeping us fresh and balanced — air, water, ground, fire and space..

So many genetic codes defining human traits — height, weight and colour.. hair, eye and dimples..

Orthogonal elements are choices of the Creator.. An artist can paint a million scenes using strokes of the the primary colours.. A pianist can compose a dozen melodies with different combinations of the keys.. Exposure, Shutter Speed and ISO sensitivity perhaps a Photographer’s concern.

The wise seer Patanjali precisely defined the human mind as a an envelope of Cognition, Wrongly acquired models, Hallucination, Emotional Memories and Sleep. We are the sum total of these elements.. Some more and some less in each of us.

Of Cycles and Periodicity

Cycles so fundamental in this world.. The Day and Night rotation, the waxing and waning of the Moon, the spring and autumns of the Seasons..

The lub-dub of the heart, the so-hum breathe cycles .. The dream, deep sleep and awake cycles.. The Diurnal rhythm in the body clock ticking so precise.. the lungs, the intestine then the stomach meaning fresh air, egestion then digestion.. Signals and Systems at its best..

Filter Design — The creator’s paradise

When watching the TV so immersed, eyes and ears fail to sense signals ambient but the subject.. Selective filters at work?

For the normal it is a feast.. A unique spread of Tandoori Pizza, Spinach Pakodas and Thai Curry..

For the curious Epicurean eating this for the first time.. it is reverse engineering in progress.. Series of filters in the eyes, nose and the tongue.. Reconstructing the ingredients, ratio coefficients and the timeline in remaking of the dish..

Decimation they Say..

As villagers migrate for the towns..decimating the village in space.. As people normalise in a global village.. decimating the culture in time..

Change of outlook and Transformation

The art of viewing a subject from a totally different perspective.. Very judgemental and wise.. Important layers that make the core vs the sublime outer layers..

A tiny seed expands to a Banyan tree.. Such is the transformation with time.. A mini India is seen in Bengaluru.. Such is the transformation of space.

In modern medicine, we look at parameters like temperature, BP, heart rate that are apparent and treat the immediate symptom.. The Ayurveda system looks deeper.. The balance of the 3 elements in the body.. the air, fire and water.

A picture is worth a thousand words.. While the normal eye is lost in the beauty of the image, the mathematical transformation divides it into the dominant and not so important to the eye elements. The mpeg and the jpeg of the world in this manner compress the important data flooded in the instagrams and facebooks..



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