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Patriotic & Inspirational songs from 80s school days in India..

Sujatha R
3 min readAug 23, 2020

Back then there were no introductions. The words spoke for them self and the energy in the loud voices on the school grounds augmented a life long special effect.

Composed by eminent scholars, philosophers and nation builders, and weaved in different languages of the land, it illumined the words of humanity, diversity, high ideals, nation building and specks of philosophy.

From the last 20 plus years I have been hosting these patriotic songs on the net, most of which were school prayers and songs taught at Kendriya Vidyalaya and Scouts and Guides. What a lovely way to experience the languages of the land through these gems. To give a sense of a few verses..

Reminiscing the Knowledge bases of Takshashila Nalanda..

Invoking Upanishadic Shanthi Mantras paying ode to the elements..

Celebrating ‘universal camaraderie’ from the Rig Vedic hymn ‘San Gacchatwam’ which was later sung in the UN on International Yoga Day..

Various pegans including the Western inspired ‘Honge Kamiyaab’, and ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Dhono Dhanne Pushpe Bora’ celebrating the agricultural diversity..

And Gita like poise and mystical philosophy in the words of ‘Hum ko man ki shakthi dena’ ‘Akash Ganga’ and ‘Har Desh mein tu’ ‘Jaya jana bharata’

‘The raising kids’ series in the South Indian voices of ‘Pillallara’, ‘Odi Vilayadu paapa’ and ‘cheluvina muddina makkale’

The present day songs are hardly any match for the depth. Glad to see the interest in these songs even today. I almost forgot about the “blogger” site where I have hosted these. About 600K visitors so far and 3K visitors this week. Sometimes even a kith and kin of the composer drop by.

And these songs were not easily googlable back in days of early access to technology. And that me host these songs on geocities and blogger.

**Some of the translations are brief and original and many of them have been borrowed. Lyrics from Kendriya Vidhyalaya Almanac, wikipedia and various other blogs.

From geocities to blogger to medium.. this collection has been migrating with websites since the last 20 years. Around 700,000 visitors have accessed the blogger site so far.

Hindi Motivational & Patriotic Songs

1) bhaarat ka swaranim gaurav (KV Song)
2) hum saab bharteeya hein
3) hind desh ke nivaasi
4) honge kamiyab ..A western inspiration
5) Indian National Pledge
6) jaya jana bhaarat
7) saare jahan se achchha (urdu)
8) saathi haath baadana
9) vijayi vishw tiranga pyara (flag song)
10) ye vakt ki aawaaz hein

Hindi Scouts & Guides

1)dharm pranth karmi dal
2) aag hui hein roshan (camp fire opening song)
3) beden powell tere chele hum
4) guru gobind do kade

South Indian Patriotic Songs

1)maa telugu talliki (telugu)
2) pillallara (telugu)
3) cheluvina muddina makkale (Kannada)
4) jaya bharata jananiya tanujate (kannada)
5) odi vilaiyaadu paappaa (tamil)
6) janmakarini bharatham (malayalam)

North Indian Patriotic Songs

1)dhitang dhitang bole (bengali)
2) dhano dhanya pushpa bhara (bengali)
3) vaishnav jan to tene kahiye (gujarati)
4) aakash ganga (gujarati)
5) aata utavvu sare raan (marathi)

Sanskrit Patriotic Songs & Prayers

1)Vande Mataram (National Song)
2) Jana Gana Mana (National Anthem)
3) Jaya jaya hein bhagawati
4) KV Prayers & Chants
5) Yakundendu Tushaar
6) Jayathi Jayathi Bharata Mataa



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