Embracing 3As of Smartphone Camera

Musings on Exposure, Focus & Whitebalance..

Sujatha R
1 min readOct 10, 2023

Beauty lies in the Eye of the Beholder! Like an Artist, like a Poet, the eye of the modern camera insanely captures magic, and paints a million hues.

How does it do it? Well.. Continuous adaptation of Exposure, Focus & White-balance..

Exposure, the amount of time, exposed to the Object.. Focus, the ability to clearly capture the Object..

White balance, the ability to capture the light.. Reflection of Pink hue of the early sunrise, the golden hue on the leaves at a later hour, the yellow hue on objects under an incandescent bulb.

Auto-Focus, Auto-Exposure & Auto-WhiteBalance.. Also called as the 3As of Smartphone Photography. There is machinery inside, running with passion.. Constantly learning, monitoring and making adjustments to the shutter, lens and other parts. And the magic of lighting is hence captured, winning hearts of the Humans.

In the Euphoria of scintillating gadgets and gossips, may be Humans are getting lost and blinded. May be we can take some lessons from the 3A framework.. How do we capture beautiful moments in life?

Of setting limits on various Exposure times.. Of setting Focus as needed.. Of connecting Nature inside out, and feeling the light, with the Passing Hours and the Passing Seasons..



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