Decoding Tagore Poetry with ChatBot

A co-piloting exploration!

Sujatha Ratnala
4 min readMay 24, 2024

In the past, have decoded a few Tagore Songs with help of some intuition of Sanskrit, Hindi, and Oriya.. It was a crazy thing to do. There seemed to be poetic parallels with Gita Govindam, MeghaDootha, and other works, and I was kind of guaging the meaning.

This time, I was experimenting with a chat-bot. I explained my point of view and connection in words with other languages.. With some back and forth prodding, like a Co-Pilot, it assisted me with this task.

The light of the song with its every word shining out!

कतोबरो भेबेचिनु आपना भुलिया


कतोबरो भेबेचिनु आपना भुलिया
तोमारो चारोने दिबो हृदयो खुलिया
चारोने धोरिया ताबो कोहिबो प्रोकाशी
गोपाने तोमारे सखा कातो भालобासी
भेबेचिनु कोठा तुमि स्वरगेरो देबोता
केमोने तोमारे काबो प्रोनायरो काथा
भेबेचिनु मोने मोने दुरे दुरे ठाकी
चिरोजान्मो संगोपाने पुजिबो एकाकी
केहो जानिबे न मोर गобीरो प्रोनाय
केहो देखिबे न मोर ओश्रुबारिचाय
आपनी आजिके जाबे शुद्धइच्छो आसी
केमोने प्रोकासी काबो कातो भालोबासी

Bag of Words


- Bhebechhinu, thought, भावे (bhāve)
- Dibo, will give, दे (de)
- Dhoriya, will hold, धारण करे (dhāraṇ kare)
- Kohibo, will ask, कहे (kahе)
- Kabo, will tell, कहे (kahे)
- Pujibo, will worship, पूजे (pūje)
- Jaanibe, knows, जानता है (jāntā hai)
- Dekhibe, sees, देखता है (dekhatā hai)
- Jabe, will go/pass, जाएगा (jāegā)
- Shudhaichho, will reveal/clear, शुद्ध करे (śuddh kare)
- Aasi, come, आइए (āiye)


- Kemone, how, कैसे (kaise)
- Dure, far, दूर (dūr)
- Aajike, today, आज (āj)
- Gobhiro, deep, गहरा (gaharā)
- Thaaki, remaining, ठहरे, thaa (ṭhahre)
- Aaponi, own, अपने (apne)
- Chirajanma, lifelong, चिरजन्म (cirajanma)
- Shudhaichho, clearly, शुद्ध (śuddh)
- Sanga, together, संग (saṅga)


- Kato, how much, कितना (kitna)
- Bhaalobasi, love, प्रेम (prem)
- Kotha, story, कहानी, kathaa (kahānī)
- Hridayo, heart, हृदय (hṛday)
- Khuliya, open, खुला (khulā)
- Sakha, friend, सखा (sakhā)
- Gopane, secret, गुप्त (gupt)
- Tomare, your, तुम्हारे (tumhāre)
- Keho, who, कौन (kaun)
- Pujibo, worship, पूजा (pūjā)
- Oshrubaarichay, tears, अश्रु (aśru)
Sanga paane, companionship, संग पाने (saṅga pāne)


Katobaro bhebechhinu aapona bhuliya
Tomaro charone dibo hridayo khuliya
Charone dhoriya tabo kohibo prokashi
Gopane tomare, sakha, kato bhaalobasi.

I have forgotten how many times (कतोबरो) I was lost in thinking of you ( (भेबेचिनु आपना)

My heart (हृदयो) is open (खुलिया) at your feet (चारोने), I’ll offer it to you.

Holding your feet (चारोने धोरिया), I’ll call out (कोहिबो) to you, revealing my hidden thoughts (प्रोकाशी).

You are my secret (गोपाने) friend (सखा), how can I express my unending love? (kato bhaalobasi)

Bhebechhinu kotha tumi swaragero debota,
Kemone tomare kabo pronayero katha.
Bhebechhinu mone mone dure dure thaaki
Chirojanmo sangopane pujibo ekaki.

Thinking of you (भेबेचिनु कोठा), You are the Goddess of Heaven (स्वरगेरो देबोता), how can I express (केमोने) my story of longing (प्रोनायरो काथा)?

My mind (मोने) is filled with far thoughts of you alone (दुरे दुरे ठाकी). For a long time I sought you in solitude (चिरोजान्मो, एकाकी पुजिबो)

Keho jaanibe na mor gobhiro pronay,
Keho dekhibe na mor oshrubaarichay.
Aaponi aajike jabe shudhaichho aasi,
Kemone prokasi kabo kato bhaalobasi.

No one knows (केहो जानिबे न) my deep love (गोबीरो प्रोनाय), no one sees (केहो देखिबे न) my tears (ओश्रुबारिचाय).

Today (आजिके), I’ll finally reveal (जाबे शुद्धइच्छो) my true self (आसी), how can I express (केमोने प्रोकासी) my love for you (कातो भालोबासी)?”

Aamaro parano jaaha chaay

Aamaro parano jaaha chaay tumi taai, tumi taai go
You are the desire of my heart, you are the one I desire O dear!

Toma chhaara aar e jagote mor keho naai kichhu naai go
Without you, there is no one else in this world, there is nothing else O dear!

Tumi sukho jodi naahi paao, jaao, sukhero sandhane jaao
If you have not found happiness, go, search for it!

Aami tomare peyechhi hridayomaajhe, aar kichhu naahi chaai go
As I have found you in amidst my heart, I seek nothing else O dear!

Aami tomaro birahe rohibo billin, tomate koribo baas
I will cry in your separation, I will make you my home

Dirgho dibaso, dirgho rajoni, dirgho baroso maas
Long days, long nights, long months and year!

Jodi aaro kaare bhaalobaso, jodi aar phire naahi aaso
If someone else loves you, if you do not come back

Tobe, tumi jaaha chaao, taai jeno paao, aami jato dukho paai go
Go wherever you want, get whatever you want, I will bear the pain

Aami taai bholabasi, aami taai bhulabo
I love you and I will forget you and let you go!


-Aamaro — my — मेरा
- parano — beloved — प्राण
- tumi — you — तुम (tum)
- Toma — your — तुम्हारा
- jagote — world — जगत
- mor — me, my — मेरा (merā)
- kichhu — something — कुछ
- taai — to you, dear — तुमको
- go — dear
- keho — who — कौन


- jaaha — to go — जाना
- chaay — to want — चाहना
- chhaara — leaving — छोड़ना


- aar — and, also — और
- e — this — इस
- naai — not — नहीं



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