If my thoughts were a bunch of Roses

A woman’s day thought..

Sujatha R
1 min readMar 11, 2023

A dear friend had kindled my thoughts..

If my thoughts were a bunch of Roses..

A Rose of adulation to the timeless river of women.. For they have cradled generations and landed us here.. For their labor of love and wisdom.

A Rose of love to parents and family.. For giving the Wings of freedom and a Nest to thrive..

A Rose of admiration to the Teachers. For lighting the lanterns of Knowledge.. For forgiving, shaping and sowing awe..

A Rose for the Island of friends and the treasure of their warmth..

A Rose to the Forest of opportunity.. To the Stream of chores.. To the Shield of Colleagues and Mentors..

A Rose to the morning Sun and the drifting Clouds.. The chirping birds and the swaying leaves..

A Rose to the Universe for all the Grace.. For the Tomorrow that awaits..



Sujatha R

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