Manasa Sancharare

On my recent exploration in the Kitchen Labs

Sujatha R
1 min readJul 21, 2020

With the recent pandemic and grounding at home.. my new found interest in cooking. I have not cooked and learnt in my whole life as much as in this time. It almost feels like an addiction..

From recommendations.. new air fryer.. churning new recipes. combining spanish Korean with Indian and spinning a never ending usecase list of the Airfryer..

On baremetal food photography with just the kitchen supplies.. On projections and making best use of the table space. On Instagram posting.. On journalling the recipes..

One of my friend checks with me if I am doing a cooking degree.. I remember this line of Nachiketha. What is the difference between corncobs and us if day after day.. year after year we did the same job. Every year they grow to be treshed at the end. Nevermind.. Once in a while we all get into this outlier mode..

A line from one of my favorite Carnatic Song..
Maanasa San-charare.. Brahmani..
Paripooritha.. murali..ravadhaare..
The blissful thoughts of the creator (cooking here:) is all over the mind..
Soaking in its music



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