MarugElarA.. O Raghava!

A Tyagaraja kriti

Sujatha R
2 min readApr 1, 2023

What a brilliant montage of advaita and bhakti ! Naamams in Sanskrit and dialog-like close talk in Telugu.. This song was popularized in the movie Saptapadi.

O Raghava!
Why this Veil? Why not you reveal?

Ayya! My master!
In my Innermost chambers of Contemplation..
I just realized that you are Everything..
Your eyes are the Sun and the Moon.. And you illumine and reveal the world!

O Absolute one!
You encompass this Universe.. You are everything moving and non-moving!

Ayya! My master!
My mind only seeks for You.
Why don’t you reveal and remove this Veil?

Grace me my Lord.. Your’s truly Tyagaraja

marugēlarā? O rāghavā!
O rāghavā! Why this Veil?

O chara-achara-rūpa!
O parātpara!
O sūrya-sudhākara-lōchana!
O Embodiment of everything moving and not moving!
O Absolute One!
O He who has Sun and Moon for his eyes!


Tyagaraja’s dramatic style of expression..

anni nī vanuchu antaraṅgamuna
tinnagā vedaki telusukoṇṭi nayya

Ayya! My dear Mater!
When I searched deep within myself, I realised that Everything around is You alone..

anni nī vanuchu
Everything is You alone..

In my inner quarters of Contemplation

tinnagā vedaki
Having searched there directly

telusukoṇṭi nayya
I realised this!


nenne gāni.. madini.. ennajāla norula
nannu brōvavayya tyāga rājanuta

But for you.. This Mind does not want any other..
Ayya! Grace me.. You are worshipped by this Tyagaraja!

marugēlarā ō rāghavā! 

marugēla charā-chara-rūpa
parātpara sūrya-sudhākara-lōchana

anni nī vanuchu antaraṅgamuna
tinnagā vedaki telusukoṇṭi nayya

nenne gāni madini ennajāla norula
nannu brōvavayya tyāga rājanuta



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