Maye tvam yahe.. A Dikshitar Kriti in Sanskrit

Sujatha Ratnala
2 min readAug 30, 2023

Was listening to this Kriti in the voice of Ananya Ashok. Like a gentle stream, like the dance of the wind and flowers, the song and the short words rubbing wavelets of magic. And the temptation to decode…

A twisted flow of short verbs and callouts.. Starting line addressing Maya, and the other lines glorifying Devi. The shortest class of verbs and that too rhyming have been beautifully used.

First person and Second person..
I meditate sing ध्याये गाये and You protect पाहि.. याहि.. देहि..

And the rhyming callouts ध्येये, गेये, उपाये! पेये! सरस-काये! रस-काये! सकाये! आये!

And other adverbs like एहि, काहि

माये! त्वं ‘याहि’.. मां बाधितुं काहि?
O Maya ‘go away’. Why are you obstructing me?

“ध्याये” ध्येये!
I “meditate”.. O one worthy of meditation!

त्वमेहि मुदं ‘देहि’.. मां ‘पाहि’
Right here, you ‘give me’ bliss.. ‘protect’ me.


“गाये” गेये !
I “sing” .. O one worthy of being sung!

या हि का हि
You are indeed Contemplation and Saraswati?? [Know of ‘ka’ beeja mantra of creativity and Brahma]

एहि ‘देहि’ ‘पाहि’
Here ‘give me’ [grace].. ‘protect me’


उपाये! पेये! सरस-काये! रस-काये! सकाये! आये!

O means!
O one to be relished!
O charming one!
O embodiment of rasa!

समुदाये! गुरु-गुहोदये! सुधा-तरङ्गिणि! अन्तरङ्गिणि!

O aggregate of everything!
O one who gives birth to guru guha!
O river of nectar!
O who rules in the heart!


माये त्वं याहि मां बाधितुं काहि

ध्याये ध्येये त्वमेहि मुदं देहि मां पाहि

ये गेये याहि काहि एहि देहि पाहि
उपाये पेये सरस काये रस काये सकाये आये
समुदाये गुरु गुहोदये सुधा तरङ्गिणि अन्तरङ्गिणि




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