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Sujatha Ratnala
34 min readFeb 11, 2021

It was a moment of surprise. Casually I landed into ‘mamo chitte.. niti nritye’ and instantly could decipher the vedanta like inner meaning of the song. The absolute dance of JOY and aanand beyond the dualities of smile and tears.. good and bad.. life and death kinds. And this discovery prompted me to look out for songs of this kind.

Kalidasa says ‘vaag artha sampraktau’.. “May there be resonance between the sounds and its meaning.” And Robindra Sangeet seems to live by this definition.. There is perfect symphony of tune, meaning and the emotions sprewn by the soft sounds, weaving the words of poetry.. ‘akshara ramyatha’ or elegance of sounds as they say..

It was a delight discovering the subtle elements of Upanishads, Gita, Gita Govinda and Meghadoota in his works.. and the Scottish tunes, Vaishnava Bhajans and South Indian influences including Tyajaraja too.

Music is the language of the soul. If your ears ready to soak, and heart ready to expand and immerse in emotions, do checkout Tagore’s Rabindra Sangeet.

In his outpour, it seems the vast stars, forests and emotions are the characters in stage. He was conferred with the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913 for his profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verses, his poetic thought and expressions. And these short songs come with great music, great voices and available in the comfort of YouTube and sub-titling.

My attempt in bringing out a few songs, his poetic dictionary, sound transformations in Bengali and some language patterns which has helped me in recognizing a few words and phrases as a non Bengali speaker.

If the works of Kalidasa and Jayadeva seem like epics and essays, and hard for our mental assimilation, Tagore’s songs are like simple blogs and dew drops and the kind that can be easily digested, enjoyed and interpreted at any level.

Mills of Transfomation: Bangla Language
Poetic Vocabulary
Language Constructs
Song collection with phrase meanings and youtube links
Archives from Doordarshan


“In my mind.. I wonder who is it.. dancing away..
smile and tears.. good and evil.. life and death.
O, What a delight.. What a delight..”
Mama chitte .. niti nritya.. tata taitai tata taitai

“In the world of happiness, in the world of blessedness.. This world, gathers at Your feet like a Jewel. Planets, stars, moons and sun at an impatient fast pace.. drink and bathe in undying rays.” Aanondoloke mongolaloke

The eye lining of blue clouds dense all over the sky.. The forest Goddess trembling with joy. The music of rain and happiness of Clouds.. The wait is over and sprouting of life.. O Master O Master.. Neelo Anjono Ghono Punjo chayay

“Love! I hold you free to go..”A song of unending love and heartbreak. Aamaro parano jaaha chaay

This was sung at the University of Berlin and the recording saved in a vault to preserve for posterity a thousand years.
“What strange melody overcomes my bina in fresh lusty rhythm?
Ankle bells tinkle in the vast sky,
And leaves applaud the unheard rhyme.”
Mor beena

“Your flaming touch, let it blaze my heart
purify this life of mine
clarify this life of mine
simplify this life of mine
glorify this life of mine; atoning, as I melt”.
Angir parasmani.. punya kore

From linguistic complexity and entropy point of view, the words have an easy packing structure.. words and themes keep repeating making it predictable after understanding a portion of it and hence easy on the mind. Choice of words and sounds are breath taking and soul stirring. And a perfect choice for today’s world that struggles discovering Kalidasa and Valmiki..

Bengali is said to be derived from Pali and Magadhi. Perhaps I would not be able to recognize much of commoner’s bengali. And works of literature tend to borrow a lot of vocabulary from Sanskrit and hence the ease in connection.

Due to a bit of prior study of Kalidasa’s Meghadootha, Gita Govinda and Gita and Upanishads, some of the audacity to see the connections in themes and vocabulary.. Otherwise I have no special ability with literature analysis.

1. Mamo chitte niti nritye.. Dance of Joy

Mills of Transfomation: Bangla Language
Poetic Vocabulary
Language Constructs

2. Mor hridayer gopan bijan: In the secret chamber of my heart
3. Swapne aamar mone holo: As if in my Dreams
4. Aguner Parashmoni : Your flaming touch.. Purify me
5. Mone holo: The unfaltering beacon of Light
6. Anandaloke mangalaloke: In the world of Happiness

. Neelo Anjono Ghono Punjo chayay: The ripened Earth
8. Eki Labonyo Purna: The welcome of Spring
9. Mor Beena: My lute: Dance in the Forest
10. Hey Nirupama: O matchless beauty.. The welcome of Monsoon

11. Aamaro parano jaaha chaay- Love! You are free to go..
12. Aamar nishitho raater baadolo dhaara: Slide into my dreams

13. Phule phule dhole dhole: Scottish Ye Banks And Braes
14. Purano sei diner kotha.. Scottish Auld Lang Syne.. Nostalgia
15. Kotobaro Bhebechinu..

15. Megh Bolechhe Jabo Jabo: Adieus Clouds
16. Pranganey Mor Shirish Shakhay: Sirish tree in my Courtyard
17. Pather Shesh Kothay: Where does the road End?
18. Tomar Amar Ei Biroher Antorale : My hear beats for you
19. I stay tuned
20. Ai Labhini Sangha: Thy union so beautiful
21. tumi robe nirabe: Silently you remain in my heart
22. Mor bhaabonare ki haaway: Chords of my emotions

23. Prochondo Gorjoney: The turbulent mind
24. Ekla chalo re.. Keep walking.. even if nobody supports you

25. Ekla Chalo Re: Keep walking
26. Adheko ghume noyon chume.. A kiss in the sleep
27. Amar Mukti Aaloy Aaloy Ei Aakashey.. Light to my salvation
28. Bipawdey Morey Rokkha Kawro.. I ask not to save from trouble
29. Aami shondhya deeper shikha.. Flame of the evening lamp
30. Tobu mone rekho.. Forget me not
31. Kon shudur hotey amar monomajhe.. From where do these words land in my mind
32. tomar asime pranamon.. Your endless unfoldings
33. Tumi Khushi Thako.. Watch me with Joy

Archives from Doordarshan

1. Momo chitte niti nritye.. Dance of Joy

Words of Vedanta and Nirvana seem to be pouring out.. An absolute celebration and dance of joy beyond the dualities of smile and tears, good and bad, life and death, confinement and liberation..

Audio: Lopamudra Mitra | Joy Sarkar

I wonder who is it in me that dances forever in my mind..
I wonder how well my soul and body respond t0 the beats of the MRIDANGA.

Swings smile and tears.. Tremors good and evil.. Dances life and death

O, What a delight.. What a delight..
Bondage and liberation dance back to back day and night..

I follow that pulse.. back to back.. The eternal dance of rhythm

Mamo chitte (my mind) 
niti nritye (nitya: eternal dance)
ke je naache (who is it dancing)
Ki anondo.. ki anondo.. what happiness !!
taari sange (along with it)
mridange sada baaje (mridanga constantly plays)
kaape chande (trembling in ecstasy, kampita: tremor, chand: esctasy)
taranga (waves)
pache pache - one after another (piche piche)haasi kanna (laughter and cry, krandanam: cry)
janma mrutyu (birth and death)
diba raatri (day and night, din: day)
mukti bandho (freedom and bondage)

Robindronath was extensively homeschooled in Puranas, Upanishads and was influenced by the works of Kalidasa’s Meghadootha, Shaakuntalam and the poetic works of Jayadeva. In his Nature series, it is not surprising to find the poetic references of palash, kadamba, shirish and bakula from the Meghadoota series.

He was perhaps sensitive towards his personal losses and started seeking for the meaning of Life. He is said to have lost two of his children at an early age and his wife at the age of forty one. He travelled extensively and it is said there was influence of West as well as of South of India in his works. And his works and music lives alive in the hearts and music of the Bengalis.

While there is Vedanta and elements of pure Bhakthi and devotion in some of his compositions, some of them have an intense dialog of human emotions, sorrow and seperation and a seeking for Union and peace which could be interpreted in many ways.

“Ravindra Nath” A befitting name for the luminary.. meaning effulgence of the Sun..

Mills of Transfomation: Bangla Language

It is interesting to observe Sanskrit words morphing into Bengali. Like a filter applied to smoothen, elongate and mill out the syllables.. like they jokingly say ‘having rosogullas in the mouth while speaking’. An abundance of ‘o’ ‘bo’ ‘sho’ ‘jo’ ‘cho’ sounds..

A few things outside my observation that I have heard. Bengali has apparently a reduced character set from hearing point of view.

Different types of “s” collapse to “sha”

rasagulla roshogullo

‘va’ becomes ‘ba’.. ‘a’ becomes ‘o’.. ‘sa’ becomes ‘sha’

ra vi => ra bi
chan dra => chon dro
sun da ra => shun do ro
ra vin dra - san geet => ro bin dro - shon geet

Smoothening Effects

Doubling Effect: When 2 consonants like k and sha are back to back,
sha is removed and k is doubled
lakshmi => lokkmi
pakshi => pokki
laksh => lokk
dakshin => dokkin
pakshi => pakki
nitya => nitti
anya => onne
asti => aachi
utsava => ucchava
Sound insertions: In some words, "gn" is made softer by inserting "gan"

agni => ogani
kshama => kaama
madye => maajhe?

‘ya’ becomes ‘ja’ like in yaadav jaadav, yashoda jashuda. The Sanskrit connector words start with ‘ya’ and hence these land with ‘ja’ in Bengali.. Was excited to untangle these connections. I feel Hindi too has ‘ja’ preference. ‘jaha’ ‘jaise’ ‘jo’.. I wonder if it is Persian influence or Prakrit like. Perhaps for another discussion.

yadi => jodi (if)
ye => je (these/it)

‘da’ becomes ‘ra’ like in harappa hadappa, mohenjadaaro mohenjadaado..

pado => poro (to read)

And some of these transformations are not native to Bengali. They are seen in Hindi. It is called ‘tatbhav’. An excerpt from an internet comment.

य to ज: सूर्य vs सूरज, योगक्षिम vs जोखिम(risk), योवन vs जवान, 
क्ष into ख, छ: पक्षी से पंछी, पक्षी से पंख, रक्षा से रखवाली,क्षेत्र से खेत, परिक्षा से परखना
व to ब: विधुत से बिज़ली,वार्तालाप से बात/बातचीत, वसंत से बसंत, विवाह से ब्याह, विदेश से बिदेश,
वर्ष से बारिश, वर्षा से बरस
ष into से,श: वर्ष से बरस, वर्षा से बारिश
त्र से त/र: रात्रि से रात, रेत्र से रेत।

And Tagore has further used the choiciest collection of words and phrases in his poetic endeavours.. soft and delicate and in some sense seem like Jayadeva’s Gita Govinda.

Poetic Vocabulary

An attempt to hash tag words from his diction. Sanskrit way of sounds are retained for ease of recognition.

chitti - mind, consciousness (chit)
mone - mind (mann)
bhabili - feel (bhavana)
bhibichini - stray away (vibhi-chaar?)
paroon - life (praan)
jada & chetana - nonliving and sentinent
jeebon -life
mukh - face/mouth, choron - feet, hridoyo - heart, matha - head (unfamiliar usage in hindi)
noyono, aakhi, choko (from chakit?) - eyes
ashru - tears
andha - blind
swapno jaage - dream & awakeness

Music & Ecstasy

kampita = trembling, lajjita = bashing, pulakita = horripilation
nandita = joyed, spandana = resonance
chanda, aanando = of happiness and ecstasy
lavanya, sundara = beauty
chanchala = wavering, lajjita = shy
beena, mridanga, baasuri = musical instruments 
sure, taal = tune and beat
nirobo = silence (ni rava)
jankruta = striking of chords
manjira = anklets
vichitra raaga = wonderful emotions
vartha = news
kotha = words


nivrutta pradeepo = unfaltering light
ogani = fire (agni)
ujal = bright (ujjwal), alokamay = wonderful
saurabh, gandha = fragrance, blessing
punya = good deeds
swamy, prabhu
kaama kore = forgive me (kshama)
ranjit (shine), sinchita (purified)

Sorrowful Emotions

kamana = desire
sadhana = endeavour
sarasa neere = fountain of desire
patha = path
andhakaar = darkness
bijon = desolate, jhada = storm, dukh = sadness
udaseena = indifference
viraha dahana = fire of seperation
vedana = sadness
tapta dharini = drying bereaving earth
pipasa = thirsty
swapno jaal - net of dreams or illusion
trushona, marichika - illusion
miccha - illusion (mitya), pramaddo - intoxicated, chaal - deceitful
chanchal - fickle mind
nishi, timir, andakaar - darkness
shama = light


ucchwasa - lofty & peaking
klanti viheen - without crying or complaining

Buildings & Metaphors

anta, antaraalay, antahpuri, bhavana - inner chambers
khel, leela - play
khelaghar - play house
patha - path
baand - to construct, sethu bridge
pravaasi - visitor

Spring & Joy

megha = cloud, bristi, barsha = rain, saavan maas = monsoonsnigda = thick, chaya = shade, salila = water, samir = windnadi = river, paar = shore, pahar = mountain, jhada = storm
bosundara = earth, gagana bhuvana = sky earth
indralok = heaven, amrut = nectar bone = forest, shaka = tree
shuman, kusum, phool, nikunja, phalgun = flower/spring
naba ankur = sprout
latha = creeper, madhu, parag = nectar
Plants from Meghadootha: Sirish(walnut?), Palash, Bakula(kesar?), kadamba, ketaki, kunda
poshu = animal, paaki = birdschaitro, bosant, phalgun, nikunja : spring
bichitra raaga: wonderful emotion
sishira: fall
greeshma: summer
boner baatash.. wind of forest.. from vaat??

Endearment & Exclamation

O Nirupama! O unparalled one..
O Priyatama! O dear One..
Neelanjana! Blue tainted eye.. Cloud
O Gambhir! O great one!
O Poraan Bondhu Shokha re!.. O love O friend..
Go! (Dear)
Hay! (Alas)
Re! (O)

Language Constructs

These constucts help in the basic fabric of the language. My guess

a) Verbs

aachi - is (asthi)jaani - know (jaantha)
bhabi - think (bhavana)
bibichyni (to think)
bhuji - understand (samaj)
hole - happen (hua)
baaje - play instrument
paabe - find (paana)
dekhi - see
bhaalobhashi - love

chui - touch (chuna)
lagi - feel (lagna)
Korichi (do, karna)
chile - stay (Hindi tha, boner-pakhi boner Chile - The forest bird lived in the woods)
khela - play (klantibihin phul photonor khela.. tirelessly it played the game of blooming)sudhay - asking (prosno sudhay ami Dekhi, asked question looking at me, from kshudha/hunger??)thako - stay (Hindi tha : Sanskrit sthir?)bhay laage - I feel the fear
chua laage - feel the touch
kotha shune - hear the words
megh bolecche - clouds are telling
mone hole - as though it happend (maano hua)
foola foota - blooming or bursting of flowers
dhonno hole - being thankful
book aache - hunger for it..
Tu bhebechili - you thought
Ami bhebechinu - I thought
labhinu - to obtain - uplabd karna.. yehi labhinusudhay - to know, ksudhaa? proshno sudhay ami dekhi..

b) Nouns

The ‘a’ ending nouns of Hindi seem to end with ‘e’ and provide an indication space or time.

bone (in the forest)
sondhya kaale (in the evening)
majhe (in between)

Plurality seems to be indicated through ‘o’

groho, taaro => planets & stars

c) Adverbs / Indeclinables

eklo - alone (akela)
ektuku, ekta - little (thoda)
etho - so much (itna)

ektuku chua lage - a tender little touch
etho kamana - so much of desire
aaji - today
sheesh - remaining, end
pache pache - one after another (ek ke baad ek, piche piche)
shondya vele. shondya kale - eveing time

pache pache (back to back, hindi niche piche)
sheesh (what lies at the end of the road)
shudoor - alone, only (from door meaning distant?)
majhe - in between (madye?)
baahi - outside, antor - inside
paare - edge, bank
aaro - and (aur)
majhe majhe - sometimes (kabhi kabhi)
ekaki - alone
ghono ghone - frequently
akhon - now
kokhono - never
pore - later
From Sirish Shaka - Walnut Tree
prottoho - Daily, from prati usha??
aar bachhore.. emin dini.. last year on this day.. From varsh/year?
aabar kakhon.. emni dine.. some other time on this day.. fir kabhi

d) Pronouns

There could be relations with Sanskrit and Hindi.. ‘ya’ to ‘ja’ for instance. Due to their small lenghts, it is hard to see it.. I have parked some just for reference.

amar(mine), tumar(yours), tar(his,hers)
amra (my)
mama, tava (mine, yours) sanskrit usage
ai raat tumar amar => This night is yours and mine (old bengali movie song)amaro paroon => my life
mama chitti => my mind
she/ke/je => Sanskrit sah/kah/yah??
'she' ki aayi? => Is he/she coming?
'ke je' naache => who is it dancing?
~ami (I), tumi/tui/apni(you), se(he/she)
ami tumi ko balobashi - I love you
taai => that (tat?)
tumi taai => you are that
~ai - this (yeh)
ou - that (voh)
ai raat tumar aamar (old movie song)

e) Questions & Indefinites

Like in Sanskrit, they begin with ‘ka’ and easy to recognise

ki what? 
ki aanando -> Ah..What happiness!
kicchu some (kuch, kinchit/kacchit)
kicchu-na nothing
ke who?
keno why?
kothai where?
kamon how?

f) Connectors

The Sanskrit connectors beginning with ‘ya’ and its transformation to ‘ja’ can be seen here.

jodi - if (yadi)
**yet to see this
and - ebong (evam)
or - otoba (athava)
because - karoon (kaaran)

The Soul & Devotional Series

2. mor hridayer gopan bijan: In the Secret chamber of my heart

Mor Hridayer Gopan Bijan Ghare Chinmoy Chatterjee

Silently asleep, all alone, in the secret chamber of my heart,
Outside the closed door, I await – how much longer?
O dearest, please wake up.

The stars of the night rise and spread in the sky,
For a glimpse, they crowd at my window,
Fill my heart with music, do not let the notes of your veena be silent,

Let your eyes meet mine and your hands clasp mine,
Let my heart be filled with nectar
And the darkness tremble with the sound of bright light.
O dearest, please wake up.

Mor hridayer.. gopano.. bijano ghare => In my heart.. in a secret secluded homeEkela royechho => all alonedwaarer baahire => outside the door
Aar katokal emone kaatibe swaami => O master.. How long do I wait like this..

3. Swapne aamar mone holo: As if in my Dreams

As if in my dream you knocked the door
Before I got up you went back in the dark..

In my slumberous mind
tinkled the sounds
echoing in the silence of the forest
along with the chatter of the crickets and

Yet I did not wake up
and the stream gently passed by the forest..

As if in my dream you knocked the door
Before I got up you went back in the dark..

Sawpne Aamar Mone Holo (English translation) by Jaganmoy Mitra

Swapne aamar mone holo => In my dreams asthough it happend (mone holo: maano hua)
aamar dwaare => in the entrance
Aami jaagi naai jaagi naai go => O dear, I did not wake up
Tumi milaale andhokaare, haay => Oh.. and you merge in the darkness
Acheton mano-maajhe  => my dim witted mind
rimijhimi dhwani baaje => sounds were played
Knaapilo boner chhaaya jhillijhankaare => In the forest rattled the crickets
Aami jaagi naai jaagi naai go => I did not wake up
nodi bohilo boner paare => and the river crossed the forest

4. Aguner Parashmoni | May your flaming touch Purify me

Aguner Parashmoni With Lyrics | Indranil Sen

Your flaming touch of paras-mani, let it blaze my heart
Purify me, clarify me, enlighten me

Uphold my mortal body high, Allow me to serve your temple

Lift my soul, lift my heart, a blazing torch of light
glowing in the sky with stars that shimmer in the night.
Melody, let it sear, forever, as I burn

Impel my layers of dark, let your hands alight

kindling stars awake, evoking them with light.

May darkness disappear
from all my soul and sight
awaking senses with sanctifying light.
Agony, let it sear, forever, as I burn.

Aaguner  paroshmoni => Through fire of philosopher stone (agni, paras mani)
E jibon  punyo karo.. dahon daane => bless this life by purifying itNishidin .. aalok sikha jwoluk => on dark days.. alight itSaara raat.. photak taara nabo nabo => in the darkness arise new stars with the burning and purification.Nayoner drishti hote ghuchbe kaalo => dazzling sight for the eye

5. Mone Holo: The unfaltering beacon of Light

Mone Holo -Hemanta Mukherjee -English Translation

It seemed.. mone holo
I travelled this seemingly endless path
antha viheena patho
to come to your door step aasithe tumar daaro
From the dusty desert to your kind abode..

I picked up some flowers from the path.. patho siktho maala
and wrapped with affection and fragrance of my love..
Do not embarass me now by putting my flowers aside..
lojja diyo na diyo na

Dark monsoon clouds lingering over the forest ..sajala megho chaaya bone bone
and the aching memory of by befuddled journey still fresh in the air..
bajiche beedana

From the darkness in the forest I saw your doorway..
an unfaltering lamp..
door dekiche.. nivrutti pradeepo
like a beacon guiding a bird which lost its way from it’s nest..

I travelled this seemingly endless path to come to your door step

6. anandaloke mangalaloke: In the world of Happiness

This song derived its tune from a Bhajan (Kaayo Srigouri ektaal) from Mysore handed over by his neice Sarala Devi.


Aanondoloke mongolaloke .. birajo .. sotyo sundaro.
In this world of incredible joy, In this world of incredible bounty and blessings, dwell in this truth and beauty.

Mohima tabo .. udbhasito .. maha gagono maajhe
Your glory is painted in the great skies..

Bishwo jagoto.. monibhushano.. bestito charone.
The world, like an ornamental jewel gathers at Your feet.

Groho taarako chandro tapono .. byakulo druto bege
The Planets, the stars, and the moon and the sun, are accelerating at an impatiently determined pace..

korichhe paan, korichhe snaan .. akkhayo kirone
drink and bathe in the cosmic rays.

Dharoni paro.. jhare nirjharo ..mohano modhu shobha
Upon the earth, pour waterfalls, enchanting splendor,

Phulo pallabo .. gitogandho .. sundaro barone.
flowers-leaves-songs-smells, in beautiful multi-graded shades.

Bahe jibano rajoni-dino .. chiru nutano dhaara
Life flows night and day in ever new currents.

Koruna tabo.. abisram.. janome marone
Your empathy unceasing in birth and death.

Sneho premo .. daya bhokti .. komalo kare praan,
Affection love generosity devotion — tempers the soul,

Kato shaantono.. karo barshano.. santapoharone.
How many consolations ..You pour on us ..to eradicate our worries.

Jagote tabo.. ki mahotsabo.. bondano kore bishwo
What grand celebration is this, in Your world. The world worships

Shrisampado .. bhumaaspado.. nirbhoyo sharone.
these divine resources, this earthly abode, this fearless shelter.


7. Neelo Anjono Ghono Punjo chayay: The ripening of Earth

The sky is filled today with thick blue clouds.. neel anjana ghana. like a kohl lining her eye.. O Master O Master.. Hey gambir Hey gambir..

The forest Goddess is trembling with joy inside.. bono lakkhi kampita .. chanchalo antar.. Her anklets are rumbling.. jhonkrito monjiro..
O Master O Master..
Hey gambir Hey gambir..

The music of rain.. barsho gito.. The tunes of the clouds.. megho chhande.. The kadamba forests in ecstasy leaving their fragrance.. aanando ghano gandhe

The intense waiting of the parched bed of Earth dahano shayone tapta darini.. The cracks arise from the stubborn soil.. sprouting of life nava ankuro..

Straps of bondage ripped apart atlast.. chinna hoyeche bandano

O Master O Master.. Hey gambir Hey gambir..

Neelo Anjono Ghono Punjo chayay | Kalika Prasad

8. Eki Labonyo Purna: The welcome of Spring

Tyagaraja’s Lavanya Rama sounds similar and the raga mentioned in gitabitan is Mysuru.. Probably the match.

How wonderfully filled is your creation –
With beauty, O the Master of life.
On the onset of spring full of bliss.
Blooms the flowers of amity in the garden of mind.
My life kisses your feet, bent like creepers.
Songs of joy seems to celebrate amid radiance of the sky.

labonyo poorno => filled with beauty
aanando bosanto => spring of bliss
Bikoshito priti kusum => bloomed the flowers of love
Pulokito chito kaanone => stimulated in the forest of the mind
harsho gito => songs of joy
kirano gagone => radiance of the sky

Eki Labonye | Youtube | Lopamudra Mitra | Joy Sarkar

9. Mor Beena: My lute: Dance in the Forest

This song was apparently sung at the University of Berlin addressed as ‘Message to the Forest’ and the recording saved in a vault to preserve for posterity a thousand years.

What strange melody overcomes my bina in fresh lusty rhythm?
I pulsate in unison with the universal heart.

Which riotous youth comes, fluttering a cloak?
And the woods become impatiently joyous at the dancing light.
Ankle bells tinkle in the vast sky,
And leaves applaud the unheard rhyme.

Its footsteps give voice to the grass.
Boundless breeze, ecstatic in forest fragrance.

mor bina => my veena
kon sure baje => which tune/sura will it play
kon nabo chanchalo chande => which new meter and rhythm
kampita => tremble/pulsate
hridaya spandana => pulse in the heart
Aase kon taruno aashanto => come which youth riotous
nabo chanchalo chhande => fluttering a cloak
monjiro gunje => sound of the bells
trine trine => every blade of grass
samira no bandha => boundless breeze
kaanano gandhe => fragrance of forest

Mor Bina | Lopamudra Mitra | Joy Sarkar

10. Hey Nirupama: O matchless beauty.. The welcome of Monsoon

The welcoming of the first rain in the monsoon by the Nature in its ways.. This song has parallels with Meghadootha.

If I am impatient today, forgive me, my love. It is the first summer rain, and the riverside forest is aflutter, and the blossoming kadamba trees are tempting the passing winds with wine-cups of perfume.

Hey nirupoma => Oh matchless beauty

Jharo jharo dhaara .. naadi => the flutter in the stream
pabano dishi dishi => the wind in all the directions
Bokulo mukule matto => the nectar in the cups of the bakula plant
Nabo kadombo modiro gandhe => the intoxicating perfume of the newly blosommed kadamba
Chapolata aaji jodi => If I am impatient today
koriyo khama => forgive me

He Nirupama (English Translation) by Hemanta Mukherjee


11. Aamaro parano jaaha chaay: Love! I hold you free to go..

One of my favorite songs that I heard a few years back.. Taking time to parse the lyrics now.. It can be interpreted in multiple ways.. A song of unending love.

Arijit Singh

You are all that my life desires..
There is no one else or nothing else that matters in this world for me without you.

If you are not happy, you are at liberty to search for happiness.

I have found you in my heart and I want nothing else.

I would remain engrossed in your loving memory
For long time, days, months and years together.

If you love someone else and never come back.. nevermind.. May you achieve all that you wish. I will revel in my sadness.

Aamaro parano jaaha chaay => What my heart desires (mera praan jo chahta hein)
tumi taai, tumi taai go => you are that (taai)
toma chhaara aar e jagote => without you (tumko chodke) in this world
keho naai.. kichhu naai.. go => nobody is there.. nothing is there..O dear
Tumi sukho jodi naahi paao => if(jodi) you did not find sukh(paao)
jaao, sukhero sandhane jaao => go ahead and scout (anusandaan) for happiness
Aami tomare peyechhi hridayo => I have found you(paye) in my heart
maajhe.. aar kichhu naahi..chaai go => I need nothing else (aur kuch nahi) dear (go)
Aami tomaro birahe rohibo billin => I think I can stay in this seperation.. tumhare virah mein reh sakta hoon.. bhavana karta hoon.
tomate koribo baas => You stay close in my heart
Dirgho dibaso.. dirgho rajoni.. dirgho baroso maas => for long days, nights, years and monthsJodi aaro kaare bhaalobaso => if you love somebody else
Jodi aar phire naahi aaso => if you do not come back
Tobe tumi jaaha chaao, taai jeno paao => what you desire..may you get that (taai)
aami jato dukho paai go => O dear I will revel in my sadness..

12. Aamar nishitho raater baadolo dhaara: Slide into my dreams

Another melody from the Tagore Stories.

Poushali Banerjee | Rabindranath Stories

Come O’ monsoon shower of the night,
Come silently into my dreams,
Come disoriented.
O’ treasure of the darkness -
Drape my mind and soul,
Neither the sun nor stars do I desire.
When the world is in sleep -
Swipe away my droopiness slyly.
Sneak alone into my hut -
In the form of a symphony,
And do respond to my flow of tears.


Quite a few of his songs were inspired by the West. This song captures 3 of them back to back. Tagore Covers

13. Phule phule dhole dhole.. Ye Banks And Braes
14. Kotobaro Bhebechinu.. Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
15. Purano sei diner kotha.. Auld Lang Syne.. Nostalgia

13. phule phule dhole dhole: Ye Banks And Braes

One of my favorites.. Inspiration from the Scottish poem ‘Ye Banks and Braes’. First time heard it in the Netflix series on Rabindranath’s short stories.

Sahana | | Short Stories

Phule phule dhole dhole ..bahe kiba mridu baay
Totini hillolo tule.. kallole choliya jaay

Piko kiba kunje kunje kuhu kuhu kuhu gaay,
Ki jaani kisero laagi praano kore haay haay!

Sway the flowers .. blows the light breeze
waves merge with the shore and eventually settle down..
sings with ecstasy the lark .. kuhu kuhu
I wonder why I feel so sad..

14. Kotobaro Bhebechinu.. Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes

Babul Supriyo

Translation link

Many a time I thought.. of putting aside my doubts
And disclosing my heart to you.
Of sitting at your feet in total surrender, crying out,
Dearest, I have loved you for so long, in secret!
Katobaro bhebechhinu aapona bhuliya
Tomaro charone.. dibo hridayo khuliya
Gopane tomare.. sakha, kato bhaalobasi.

But I looked upon you as so far beyond my reach,
I did not feel my mere words of love could touch you.
Choosing instead to worship from afar
In the secret shrine of my mind, alone and for eternity.
Bhebechhinu kotha tumi swaragero debota,

No one would ever know of my deep adoration, gobhiro pronay..
Or of the unseen tears that I have shed.
Today when you come seeking me on your own,
How do I find the right words to express what I have felt for so long?
Kemone prokasi kabo .. kato bhaalobasi.

Perhaps a silent conversation with the God asking for the golden touch. Or a recollection of an old pain in the quietude of the night when all work is at rest.

15. Purano sei diner kotha.. Auld Laang Syne.. Nostalgia

Purano sei diner kotha..

A nostalgic song of yesteryears. Tune inspired from the tunes of “Auld Lang Syne”, a Scottish poem composed by Robert Burns. The soft piano keys of nostalgia can be almost felt in the inner chambers of music.

How can you forgo events of the good old days, dear.
The glimpse of each other, spirited chatting, can it be forgotten?
Sei Chokher Dekha.. Praner Kotha..Sheki Bhola Jai??
Come once more, my friend
shokhi, come into my heart.
We’ll talk about the joy and sorrows
shukhe dukhe to soothe heart.
We’ve collected flowers at dawn played and swung a lot..
bhorer bela.. phul tulechhi.. dulechhi dolaay,
Sang and fluted under the BAKUL tree.
Then happened the separation, alas, we got diverged –
When we’ve got a chance to unite once more, come into my heart.

15. Megh Bolechhe Jabo Jabo: Adieus Clouds

Seems like a song deeply woven in Vedanta philosophy.. The Samsaara of the world welcoming and pulling. Freedom from duality and the love of the Absolute.

Megh Bolechhe Jabo Jabo (English Translation) by Ashoktaru Banerjee

Megh bolechhe jaabo jaabo.. raat bolechhe ‘Jaai’..
The cloud says,” Its time to go.”
The night says,” I’m on my way.”

Saagor bale ‘Kul milechhe — aami to aar naai’.
The ocean says,”I have met the shore, myself I am no more.”

Sorrow says,”Like His footprint, I stay, quiet.”
I say,” I have no desires, let me blend away, dissolve.”

Bhuban bale ‘Tomar tare aachhe baronmaala’,
Gagon bale ‘Tomar tare lokkho prodip jwaala’.
The world says,”For you I have the welcoming garlands.”
The sky says,” For you the million stars twinkle, in your honor.”

Love says,”I have waited for you, awake, since aeons.”
Death says,” I guide the course of your life. It is I who row your life boat.”

S O U L F U L . . . R E F L E C T I O N S

Pranganey Mor Shirish Shakhay: Sirish tree in my Courtyard

Pranganey Mor Shirish Shakhay(with English Translation) by Hemanta Mukherjee

What a beautiful dailog..
I have often felt that way for the trees around. What a zest of celebration.. Day after Day.. Season after Season.. turning into a new leaf..

O perhaps my grandmother sitting in her courtyard after the hard day of work in her farm and household.. and reflecting upon life.

I have highlighted the repeating phrases phagun maasa meaning spring.. End of each paragraph has a ‘did he come?’ ‘did he not come?’ kind of seeking.. He describes the tree as phullo Sirish.. blooming sirish, chanchalo prano bubbling self..

And the poetic words ‘ki uchchhashe’ ‘ki aashwaase’ what bountiness.. what an assurance..

The cadence of sounds in Khaantokujon shaantobijon sondhabela is so endearing.. When birds cease to sing(koojana)..in the serene evening times (sandya vela)

Praangane mor shirishshaakhay phaagun maase
Ki uchchhashe
Klaantibihin phul photanor khela.
Khaantokujon shaantobijon sondhabela
Prottoho sei phullo shirish proshno sudhay aamay dekhi
'esechhe ki - esechhe ki'.

Aar bachhore emni dine phaagun maase
Ki uchchhashe.
Naacher maton laaglo shirish-daale
Sorgopurer kon nupurer taale.
Prothoho sei chanchalo praan shudhiyechhilo, 'shunao dekhi
Aase ni ki - aase ni ki'.

Aabar kakhon emni dine phaagun maase
Ki aashwaase
Daalguli taar roibe shrobon pete
Alokh joner charon shobde mete.
Prothoho taar marmaroswar bolbe aamay ki bishwase,
'Se ki aase - se ki aase'.

Proshno jaanai puspobibhor phaagun maase
Ki aashwaase,
'Haay go, aamar bhaago - raater taara,
Nimesh- gogon hoy ni ki mor saara,.
Prothoho boy praanganomoy boner baatash elomelo -
'Se ki elo - se ki elo'.


In the months of spring tireless is the blossoming course
On the SHIRISH treetop in my patio,
What an exhibition of euphoria.
On each evening, serene and quiet, when birds' song paused
The thriving tree would ask me a question –
'Did He draw near'.

Last year too in a similar exhibition of spring –
Dance rhythm of a divine feet-jwellary seemed
Inflicted upon its branches.
The bubbling soul had asked me daily – 'Tell me,
Didn't He draw near yet'.

A day alike in the future months of spring
Deeply passionate
The branches would remain on alert trying to pick up noise –
Footsteps of the invisible Person.
Each day it would murmur to ask me for confidence –
'Is He coming – is he coming'.

My solemn query this flowering spring
Deeply passionate –
'O the speck of light in my bleary fortune,
Tell me, how long should I persist'.
Frenzied breeze, across my garden, blows brisk and wild
'Did He draw near'.

Pather Shesh Kothay: Where does the road End?

Pather shesh kothay, shesh kothay, ki aachhe sheshe !
Eto kaamona, eto saadhona kothay meshe ?
so much of desire and labour

Dheu otthey pare knaadar, sammukhe ghano aandhar,
Paar aachhey go paar aachhe - paar aachhe kon deshe ?
will I cross this ocean dear?

Aaj bhaabi mone mone morichika-anweshane haay
trishnar shesh nei. Mone bhoy laage sei -
Haal-bhaanga paal-chhnera byatha cholechhey niruddeshe.
I feel like a search for a mirage.. no end for fulfilling the thirst..
I feel frightened..Walking without an aim

Pather Shesh Kothay - Lopamudra Mitra- English Translation

Tomar Amar Ei Biroher Antorale | My heart beats for you

Tomar amar ei birohero ontorale
Koto r setu badhi
sure sure tale tale

Ah this seperation between us. How many more times should I build a bridge with my notes and beats..

Tobu je porano majhe gopone bedona baje
Ebar sebar kaje deke low

Biswa hote thaki dure ontorer ontohpure
Chetona jorae rohee bhabonar sopnojale

Dukho sukh apnar i se bojha hoeche vari
Jeno se sopitee pari chorom pujar thale

Tomar Amar Ei Biroher Antorale — Susmita Patra

May I endure and tune in

The pain was great when the strings were being tuned, my Master!
Begin your music, and let me forget the pain; let me feel in beauty what you had in your mind through those pitiless days.

The waning night lingers at my doors, let her take her leave in songs.
Pour your heart into my life strings, my Master, in tunes that descend from your stars.

Ai Labhini Sangha: Thy union

In thy light.. Aloki..
My eyes opened with bewilderment.
Mugda choki..
Right here I have found my union with you.
labhini sangho

How beautiful.. How beautiful.
Sundaro.. Sundaro..

The air in the sky filled my lungs and leaves a fragrance. Saurabh..
My body has become complete.. My life has been blessed..
Poorno.. dhonyo..

How beautiful.. How beautiful..
Sundaro.. Sundaro..

Iman Ckakroborty

tumi robe nirabe: Silent you remain in my heart

tumi robe nirabe

Silently nirob you remain in my heart deepest divine night aglow in moonlight..
My breath and youth will brim with your glory. Your lone gracious eyes will watch over me in my slumber.. Your canopy anchal will offer me shade by day.
My sorrows, aches and dreams realized, and all my world you shall steep with fragrance saurabh like the deepest divine night aglow in moonlight.

Mor bhaabonare ki haaway: Chords of my emotions

Like the drops of rain falling in a quick cadence.. like the foot work of a young deer sprinting in the forest.. the soft tune and words of this song are so full of rhythym.
I attempt this translation trying to keep the bengali words at the side.

Sahana Bajpaie — Mor Bhabonarey

I wonder today which wind has struck the chords of my feelings.. mor bhavana.. ki hawaa..

dances the mind for joy unknown.. dole mone dole .. akaarano haroshe

From the sky of my heart spring the moist, dense and young clouds.. hriday gagone .. sajolo ghano nobino meghe

Splatter of nectar it rains.. raser dhaara baroshe.

I cannot see her.. but hear the jingling footsteps.. baaje alokhito ..taari charone ..Runurunu runurunu.. nupuro dhwoni

Like a dream, she casts her blue veil in the sky and cannot be touched.. Her hair fluttering with the monsoon breeze making me restless.. And the fragrant bloom of moist Ketaki flowers.. kesh aakashe.. mon mor dilo aakuli.. Jal-bheja ketokir

Prochondo Gorjoney: The turbulent mind

Sahana Bajpaie | SVF Music

The symphony of words, music and expression is so intense in this song. I could see Gita and Kathopanishad weaved so well.

On a fateful day, a turbulent mind that immensely disturbed and stormed. Like the turbulence.. like the terrible rumblings and lightening.. like the hissing snake.. daaruno.. tarjono.. garjana.. bhujango.. daamini

Wake up.. Jaago !! There is deep peace inside. proshanto.. aanando..antar shakthi.. And a promise of peace and victory over the problem.. bhaya harana.. mrutyun jaya

The senses and mind can easily be stormed. The promise of a peaceful ocean within. The Jago ‘Arise awake’ inspiration from Kathopanishad.. where Nachiketha has a conversation with the God of death Yama.. and the clever use of Mrutyunjaya

Ekla Chalo Re: Keep walking

This song was quite popular perhaps during my younger days and is known for its political and social movement. Seeing the ‘Ekla’, I was mistaken that it was perhaps related to unity. On reading the meaning, it does seem more like a perfect motivational song.

It was influenced by Amar Ekla Nitai Re, a popular Bengali Kirtan song of praising Nityananda, disciple of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

The English translation provided below is supposed to be from Tagore himself.

Shreya Ghonsal

If there is no-one responding to your call — then go on all alone
If no-one speaks (to you), don’t think you are unfortunate.
Jodi tor (yadi teeri).. dak shune (dwani sunkar) .. keu na ashe (koi nahi aaye).. tobe (to bhi) .. ekla cholo re (ekela chalo re)

Jodi keu (yadi koi) .. kotha na koe (baat na kare).. ore ore o obhaga (o abhaga)

If everyone turns away , if everyone fears (to speak), then with an open heart without hesitation speak your mind alone
mukh phire.. bhay.. tobe poran khule.. mukh phute.. moner kotha bolo re

If everyone walks away, O unlucky one, everyone walks away
If no-one looks back towards the (your) unpredictable path, then with thorn pricked (of the path) bloodied feet, walk alone
gohon pothe .. pother kata .. roktomakha chorontole .. ekla dolo re

If no-one heeds your call — then walk alone
If no-one shines a light (on the path), O unlucky one,
If the dark night brings thunder and storm at the door — then let the lightning ignite the light in you alone to shine on the path
If no-one heeds your call — then walk alone
alo na dhore (not holding light)
jhor-badole adhar rate .. ghore.. ekla jolo re (ignite alone)

Adheko ghume noyon chume.. A kiss in the sleep


In half sleep, someone kisses my eyes to leave dreams behind
Touching my weary forehead and my jasmine garlands with a gentle breeze
The shadows of the forest are companion to my musings; I do not seek much more –
I make my seat beside the path; I do not look at what I leave behind –
The trembling bamboo leaves pour their songs into my silent thoughts.
The fleeting play of clouds upon the blue is a restful message,
That awakens a mirage of memories I thought long forgotten.
In the heat of the day, a grassy robe invites upon the ground
As my thoughts rise like perfume with the wind –
Doves call plaintively from flowered trees in solitary pain.

Amar Mukti Aaloy Aaloy Ei Aakashey.. Light to my salvation


Written in: Nuernburg, Germany, 1926

My salvation is bound to the light that fills this sky
My salvation is hidden in the very dust and in blades of grass
I lose myself beyond the far reaches of this body and soul,
My salvation rises far in the strains of song
My salvation is in everyone’s thought,
As it is in the most difficult of tasks accomplished at much cost
On the altar to the creator where self burns in an eternal flame –
May I give my life in the hope of freedom

Bipawdey Morey Rokkha Kawro.. I ask not to save from trouble


I do not ask that you save me from tribulation, this is not my plea –
But make me fearless in the face of troubles.
Perhaps you do not need to console my broken soul when sorrow weighs it down,
But teach me to conquer that weight.
If I find myself without support let my own strength be enough,
When fate deals me loss and my only reward has been deprivation
Let me not be eaten away from within
That you will secure me, this is not my plea –
But simply that I am able to overcome.
Perhaps you do not need to lessen my load by way of solace,
But make me able to bear it.
I will learn you with humility in my days of happiness and plenty –
And on that darkest of nights when the whole world turns its face away
I will not doubt you for once.

Aami shondhya deeper shikha.. Flame of the evening lamp


I am the flame that burns in the evening lamp light
My presence like a victory mark upon the forehead of darkened night
My luminous touch within its dreams a secret joy awakens,
In its soul the tales of my first love are written.
In the midst of my solitary celebration
The skies did not exult, nor birds sing in unison.
When the young sun steps out and the world wakes from its slumber
I will then fade away, as though a mirage no one will remember.

Tobu mone rekho.. Forget me not

Have taken the beautiful translation from this page.. In memory of her mother.

English Translation

And, still remember me, if I go far, far away, remember me.
Even if the trappings of a new love shroud old ties of love and attachment, remember me.
If I remain close, yet distant from you, lonely and unrecognizable,
Like a shadow, remember me; still, remember me.
If tears drench your eyelashes, remember me.
One day, if the journey of this life ends at the stroke of night, still remember me.
One day, if my absence interrupts your chores on an autumn morning, remember me.
If, recalling my memory, tears do not moist the corner of your eyes,
Still remember me.

Kon shudur hotey amar monomajhe.. From where do these words land in my mind


Where does this stream of words issue from
To bless my mind, my heart and my soul.
Sometimes I listen, sometimes I fail to hear,
The words that are whispered in my ear.

In the midst of my sleep, and my waking hours too
Even my tears are set to that tune,
That tune that lives in the deepest recesses of my soul
In secret songs whispered only in my ear.

Where, by the banks of what dense loneliness
Are these words made and rearranged, in shadows.
I do not know with what breeze from the south
It rises and falls with the ripple of waves.

It joins the stars that shine above to the earth,
It mingles joy with sorrow and weeps
‘It is not this, it is not, nay nay, it is not this, it is not’ –
It weeps in my ear.

tomar asime pranamon.. Your endless unfoldings

Piya Chakoroborty

Wherever I traverse
Within your world, endless -
Misery, death galore,
Pang of separation prevails.
Death seems deadly,
Separation appears to be a crater -
When I ignore you
And try to idolise myself.
O' brimful, your feet
Have everything expected,
But, fear, that I possess -
Is only the one absent.
Duty, misdeeds and remorse
All wither at once -
If I am bestowed with
Your image agleam within life.

Tumi Khushi Thako.. Watch me with Joy

Amrita Datta

Keep up your joy alive watching me -
As I sing around your courtyard.
Melodic is your touch within my soul,
The bliss sends all the earthly waves rolling.
Strings of my soul that you often strike on -
It does respond to your urge, reverberating.
Both your light and gloom - I love each,
My smiles follow yours and sail across

Archives from DD

Prano Bhariye Trisha Hariye Fill up my soul rid me of my thirst bestow profusely on me your elixir of life

Charan Dharite Diyo. Allow me to touch your feet do not please do not take them away…

Gao Beena Beena Gaao Re Play on O Veena play on and sing his ambrosia sweet songs for the whole of mankind…

Tomar Katha Hetha Nobody here cares to talk about you but creates only false commotion sitting beside the ocean of nectar they are prone to drinking only poison…

Oyi Asanataler Motir I will be down on the earth under your sacred seat to get emblazoned in the dust from your feet…

Vishwa Joda Phand Petechho Your Network spread eagles over the entire universe how can I possibly escape half of my being is already entrapped the other half is still left out…

Keno Tomra Amay Dako Why do you all beckon me? My mind goes berserk and cannot find time to let my songs pour out…

Paatrakhana Jaye Kadi Jak Never mind if my receptacle gets broken down I posses my folded hands let me fill them up with your benedictions…

Jeebone Amara Jato Ananda Whatever pleasures I have derived day and night in my whole life are all there only to remember you. O Lord of my soul amidst the milling crows…

Jethay Tomar Loot Hotechee Bhubane How can my spirit reach that universal space where you are uncaringly spreading you bliss to one and all…

Chirobondhu Chionibhar My Lord you are my ever dependent eternal friend offering endless solace your abiding presence my friend reigns supreme in you cosmos offering for ever life and companionship

Prem — Bolo Sakhi Balo Please whisper his name into my years, my companion, that name resonates to the tunes of the veena of your soul. Composed in January 1939. raga Behag-Khamaj, tala Dadra.

Adhara Modhuri I have south to bind an elusively sweet melody in the shackles of rhymes, it is really a distant bird from the remote night who sings nocturnal tunes from afar.

Akashbhara Surya-Tara The sky shines forth with the Sun and the stars, the universe is full of joyous life, I am blessed to find my place in their midst, and my songs burst out in that wonderment .. included in the UN repertoire of World’s Best Songs on Nature.

Abar Esechhe Asdah Akash Chheye. Ashadh has arrived again clouding the whole sky, the sweet scent of rains is carried by the wafting winds …

Bajromanik Diye Gantha. Your garland, O Ashadh, is bejeweled with gems of thunder; the lightning streaks burn asunder your benign green beauty ….

Nabakundo Dhabaladala Susheetala. O the beauteous one, akin to the fresh, white Kunda blossoms, cool and satiated; O the very unblemished one, radiant with the glow of happiness …

Aji Sharata Tapane Prabata Swpane. I am unaware what my soul is yearning for; in my early-dawn dream in the autumn Sun today, — what are the fervent calls and melodies pouring forth by the male-female birds-due, perched on the Shefali branches

Tamar Nam Jani NeI am not aware of your name, but know your tune, you are the messenger of illumination in the early-autumn dawn…

Ami Chanchala Hey, Ami Sudurera Piyasi. I am the restless one, ever desirous of the far and the anon …

Na hoy Tamar Ja Hoeyechhe Tai Holo. Let whatever has happened to you, remain intact, and let there be no regret for whatever has not happened.

Shudhu Jaoa Asa, Shudhu Srote Bhasa. It is only the comings and goings, only floating along with the currents, it is only laughing and weeping in the chiaroscuro of light and shade…



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