Samaja Vara Gamana.. A Tyagaraja Kriti

Decoding the Compound Words.. Grouping & Nesting.. Part 3

Sujatha R
2 min readApr 3, 2023

This song is all about Krishna.. His enchanting music and his Glories. And wave after wave, the compound words are in action.

Decoding this song was not that easy. Smaller compound words group to form bigger words. And hence wanted to share this song as it involves grouping and nesting. Thanks to Amit ji from SLG Sanskrit group who has illumined and illustrated the process of grouping and decoding.

Basic Structure of this Kriti is something like this

[हे] [series of samasas in sambodhana] [कृष्ण], मां पालय।
O [..descriptions..] [Krishna] Protect me..

सामज-वर-गमन !
साधु-हृत्-सारसाब्ज-पाल !
कालातीत-विख्यात !

साम-निगमज-सुधामय-गान-विचक्षण !
माम् पालय

मुरली (गान)वादन
विनॊद मॊहन कर, त्यागराज वन्दनीय

Each samaasa is shown with individual words separated with dashes. And the intermediate samaasa grouping is shown with parentheses.

[हे कृष्ण] [O Krishna]

(सामज-वर)-गमन Whose gait is like the best of elephants!

((साधु-हृत्)-(सारस-(अप्‌-ज)))-पाल Who protects good people with hearts like a lake-water-born lotus!

(काल-अतीत)-विख्यात Whose fame transcends time!

(साम-(निगम-ज)-(सुधामय-गान))-विचक्षण Who is expert in nectar-filled-music born of the Sama Veda!

गुण-शील Whose character is virtuous!

दया-अलवाल Who is a fountainhead of mercy!

((वेद-शिरस्‌)-मातृ)-ज-(((सप्त-स्वर)-नाद)-अचल)-दीप who is a lamp on the mountain of the seven-note-music having mother as (born of) Om, the pinnacle of the Vedas!

स्वीकृत-(यादव-कुल) One who took birth in Yadava clan!

मुरली-वादन One who plays the flute!

(विनोद-मोहन)-कर One who enchants for amusement!

त्यागराज-वन्दनीय One fit to be venerated by Thyagaraja,

माम् पालय Protect me.

If you are intrigued by Compound words.. What is the type of pairings and aggregations? What is the encoding/decoding process? What beauty does it lend to the Poetry? Is it seen in English? Do check out my post to get a feel of this topic



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