Shri Suktam.. Invoking the inner wealth

A Vedic Prayer

Sujatha R
4 min readApr 28, 2022

A friend had shared this lovely talk. Filled with symbolism and deep meaning, it sails through imageries and affirmations. “May I be united with my inner wealth!!”

We are in this age of High Definition Videos, Instagram filters, and Advanced displays bringing out the best of colors. There is a planet full of engineers, working on these complex technologies.

The engineer in me often wondered.. Are there technologies to brighten the inner vision? Lit by the lamp of the self, it is indeed a mystic space.

There is a mystic connection between sounds, colors, and our inner psyche. And our seers seemed to have nailed it.

Meditating on pure colors and sounds, perhaps helps in deepening this vision.. I can only awe at this thought and stop at that.

Back to Shri suktam.. It gradually guides through colors and lightens up the inner vision.

“May the golden fire of the Sun keep me agile and running. May the silver of the Moon light lead me to peace and compassion.” Such a beautiful way of looking our two sided architecture.. Of action and rest.

There may be many layers of interpretations. Presenting my takeway.. A bunch of positive affirmations.

Oh Jaata Veda!
Oh Flame of knowledge!
Invoke that Lakshmi for me..

That ‘golden hue’ of the Sun.. that agility like a deer..
That ‘silver hue’ of the Moon, the ocean of compassion..


Oh Jaata Veda!
Oh Flame of knowledge!
Invoke that Lakshmi that never goes away..

May I be supreme like the gold,
May I be pure like the cows,
May I be agile like the horses,
May I see all as my kin.
May I be blessed with this wealth.


I see her running in the the horses of my senses..
I see her driving in the chariot of my body..
I hear her elephant ‘naada’ trumpeting in the lotus of my heart.
Oh flame of knowledge.. Invoke her for me..


I see her red lotus, budding from the mud of my samsaara.
I see her soft golden aura of compassion.
Oh flame of knowledge.. Invoke ‘shri’ for me..


I see moon like aura of her fame..
I see ‘shri’ worshipped by all..
Oh flame of knowledge.. I surrender. Drive away my ‘alakshmi’ ills from me..

I see her Sun like aura, born out of ‘tapas’..
Like the ‘tapas’ and benevolence of the Sun and the trees..
May the fruit of my tapas melt the cloud of my ignorance, ‘alakshmi’.

May I be born again, now, at this moment, in her nation..
May she bless me with fame and abundance!
May I rise beyond bodily hunger, thirst and bowels.
May she ward off the stain of ‘alakshmi’ from this house of me.


May my ‘manas’ yearn for you.
May my ‘vaak’ speak the higher truths.
May I be blessed with food, fame and wealth.


Oh ‘kardama’, son of mother, Oh “mud”
May you awaken the lotus from the ‘’mud” of my Samsaara..
May you bring along your mother Padmamaalini..
May she dwell in my generations, and bring ‘shriyam’ felicity.

Oh ‘chikleeta’, son of mother..Oh “shine”
May I shine with compassion and be fluid like you.
May you bring your mother Padmamaalini..
May she dwell in my generations, and bring ‘shriyam’ felicity.

I bow to the 3 offsprings of the Goddess.. kardama chikleeta aananda

May I be grounded
May I be shine with compassion
May I be filled with Joy


Padmanane Padmaooru padmakshi

In your radiant lotus face
In the shelter of your lotus lap
In your lotus eyes of non judgemental compassion
Only by devotion can I attain this comfort saukhyam


Bless my progeny of thoughts and acts..
Bless me longitivtiy of cherishing every moment..
Bless me fulfilling my desires
Bless me with your thoughts..

May the elements be my wealth..
The wealth of my fire agni
The wealth of my breath vaayu
The wealth of my tapas surya
The wealth of compassion varuna
The wealth of power and community Indra

Oh Mother! May you bloom in my mind..

My salutations to the teacher and the love and humility in his words. He was mentioning.. If the words and grammar are difficult, just keep doing your bit, and the meaning will strike by itself.. That is the power of resonance and vaak-artha in Sanskrit. The words will illumine themselves with time.

May we seek abundunce and inner wealth..



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