Sita Kalyana Vaibhogame.. A Tyagaraja Kriti

Decoding the Compound Words

Sujatha R
2 min readApr 1, 2023

Sita Kalyana Vaibhogame.. This song brings joy, devotion, and festivity in the minds..

From the kiln of intense devotion, words fused to form qualifiers and naamas describing the glory of Rama. A simple linear structure and free from sentence construction. A train of naamas in the Sambhodana style of call out.. O Rama!

सीता-कल्याण वैभोगमे
राम-कल्याण वैभोगमे
The Great wedding of Sita!
The Great wedding of Rama!

**वैभोगमे is a Telugu usage.. The rest of the lyrics are in Sanskrit.

पवनज-स्तुति-पात्र !
पावन-चरित्र !
रवि-सोम-वर-नेत्र !
रमणीय-गात्र !
The One worshipped by Hanuman!
The One with a Great History!
The One who has the Sun and Moon as his Eyes!
The One who is good-looking !

भक्त-जन-परिपाल !
भरित-शरजाल !
भुक्ति-मुक्तिद-लील !
भूदेव-पाल !
The One who takes care of his Followers!
The One whose quiver is full of Arrows!
The One who gives Liberation!
The One who rules the Earth!

पामरासुर-भीम !
परिपूर्ण-काम !
श्याम-जगदभिराम !
साकेत-धाम !
O Terror of the Demons!
O Fulfiller of Desires!
O Dark One who Delighted this world!
O Resident of Ayodhya!

सर्व-लोकाधार !
समरैक-वीर !
गर्व-मानव-दूर !
कनकाग-धीर !
O Substratum of the universe!
O Brave One in the War!
One who keeps a distance from vain people!
One who is brave like the Golden Meru mountain!

निगमागम-विहार !
निरुपम-शरीर !
नग-धराघ-विदार !
नत-लोकाधार !
One who is well versed with the Scriptures!
One whose Physique is second to none!
One who destroys the Sins!
One who takes care of this World!

परमेश-नुत-गीत !
भव-जलधि-पोत !
तरणि-कुल-सञ्जात !
त्यागराज-नुत !
One who is praised by Paramesha!
One who liberates from the Ocean of Samsaara!
One who is born in the Solar Dynasty!
One praised by this Tyagaraja!

If you are intrigued by Compound words.. What is the type of pairings and aggregations? What beauty does it lend to the Poetry? Is it seen in English? Do check out my post.

Jagadananda Taraka also follows a similar structure. Somewhere I read, it is a collection of 108 names like in the Astotarams.




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