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Annam, Karma Yoga & Vishnu Sodasa Naama

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2 min readMay 24, 2023


Came across this interesting definition of Annam.. That which is eaten by, and that which inturn eats. ‘adhyate atthi cha bhootaani, tasmaat annam taduchyathe’.

What a profound statement in so many ways!
Of Survival and food pyramid.. Of Gratitude and Joy.. Of Nourishment, Stimulation and Liberation.. Of being consumed by Eating Disorders and Sickness.. There is a whole gamut of chain reaction.

A perfect story from of Mother Nature. A pack of wolves were introduced in the arid Yellow Stone National Park some 25 years back. And the results were astounding. The barren landscape and the dried up river welcomed a new beginning thanks to the checks and balances in the food chain.

Anna indeed begets life and matter.

From Rains we get Anna. And labour of Karma and Yagya begets the Rains..
अन्नात् भवन्ति भूतानि पर्जन्यात् अन्न-सम्भवः ।
यज्ञात् भवति पर्जन्यः यज्ञः कर्म-समुद्भवः ॥

Anna is verily Matter. In this material world of Annamaya Kosha, it is inevitable that every Action follows a Reaction.. Professor Narasinga Rao connects these verses with the Anna etymology. We eat Annam and then Annam consumes us.. The only way around is of surrender and samarpanam, and letting go of the burden of doership.

यज्ञ-शिष्ट आशिनः सन्तः मुच्यन्ते सर्व- किल्बिषैः
Eat the food after offering, and then all the load will be washed off.

Otherwise, a vain life of burden
भुञ्जते ते तु अघं पापाः ये पचन्ति आत्म-कारणात्

See divinity in every act.. In what you do, what you eat, offer, give.. Do it with surrender and get free from doership..
यत् करोषि.. यत् अश्नासि.. यत् जुहोषि.. यत् ददासि, यत् तपस्यसि.. तत् मत् अर्पणम्

Vishnu Shodasa Nama stotram that is in circulation these days.

As thoughts of Gita were crossing my mind, I was awed by by this thought. It felt like an Out of the world way of surrender and freedom.

Think of him as Vishnu while taking medicine.. for he is inside out..
Janardhana while eating food, for the grace on his people..
Padmanabha while slipping to sleep.. for the comport he offers in his lotus lap..
Prajapathi at time of marriage.. for he is taking the family ahead..
Chakradhara while engaged in war.. for he is with you like a friend..
Madhusudana when in trouble
And so on..

Vishnu Shodasa Nama Stotram



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