Spring of Violets

Sujatha R
3 min readApr 4, 2018

Nature’s Rejuvenation Palette and Parallels with Chakra Philosophy

It never ceases to amaze at the myriad patterns of Mother Nature. After a long haul of winter and bare bone trees, there is the magic of spring.

It is again that time of the year where the wind carries the hint of freshness and the air of fragrance !!

Wonder how the dry stems turn red and the leafless plants suddenly laden with blossom..Wonder who signals the timing..

Does the air have the magic ? Do the stars and the sunlight pour in the energy.. Do the squirrels scratch and wake up from slumber ?

Spring is in the air..

Seasonal Wheel of Colour Palette

By looking at the abundance of Violets in Spring, Greens in Summer and the Reddish hues in fall, well is Nature posing a question? There seems to be a striking similarity with the Rainbow Colour VIBGYOR Pattern with the Spring-Summer-Fall seasons..

Keeping aside the Physics of Dispersion and Scattering, De Broglies and Raleighs, a metaphysical outlook of the Nature..

Violets in California

In the Indian calendar, Spring (Vasantha) is the first season as it marks the fresh beginning after months of hibernation and austerity.

Back in India, the seasons do not have this much of Contrast. In Bay Area, the Fall season is marked by abundance of Redness everywhere from Ripe Pumpkins to Fallen Leaves.

Reddish Orange Fall Colours

In the Yoga Chakra Philosophy, there seems to be a striking reverse paradigm of VIBGYOR colours..

‘Chakra’ means Wheel in Sanskrit. Chakras are like the valves controlling the upward sublimation of energy along the spinal cord. There are 7 of them.

The more grosser Chakras are towards the base and represent the structural stability, reproduction and evolutionary instincts of courage and determination.

The higher Chakras control the more subtle aspects like Love and Belongingness, Creative Expressions, Intuition and Connection to the Supreme World.

Surprisingly, the colours assigned to the lowest Chakra is Red, Heart Chakra is Green and the Sahasrara Chakra on the Crown is the 1000 petal Violet Lotus.. Through Yoga Practise and Meditation, one can gently activate these Chakras..

Makes me wonder — Is there an Axial Chakra awakening in the plants producing the impossible from the barren tree?

Is the blooming of the Violet Crown Lotus mark the beginning of a new Cycle for the Mind just like the Violets of Spring?



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