Stress Free Exams.. Indian PM’s message

Sujatha R
1 min readFeb 18, 2018

A short note

An Incredible conversation between Indian PM and the students across India..The post would not do justice to the oration style and light spirited moments.. A must watch for all the High school children !!

For those who don’t follow Hindi or just curious about the speech:

From tips on mustering courage, examples on self confidence and how it improves with hard work, believing in ‘aham brahmasmi’ the creator in self; Examinations are not about results and external evaluation.. Compete with self and not with others !! Failures need not be seen as disasters. Be a warrior and student for life.

How to concentrate better, importance of defocus and healthy diversion between intense study and focus, unwinding and recharging with the natural elements and getting refreshed

Importance of EQ, how it makes us a better and sensitive person, how it is important in the society; how to relax with yoga and improve sleep quality with Yoga Nidra deep relaxation

Dairy writing & analysis, dynamic time management tips, understanding intent of parents and avoiding conflicts, healthy dialogues to converge on aspirations..

Parents to understand the kid’s potential and interests, Every kid has some potential; Teachers to relive guru-sishya parampara and understand the child beyond the classroom.

It is inspiring to see the nation’s leader taking time to connect with the students of the nation and instilling life lessons.. It is also time that the teaching methodologies are relooked to make education more interesting, relevant, and intuitive for the children.



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