A bride of Vedic times.. Her poetry on change..

Rishika Suryaa and her beautiful imagery

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2 min readApr 1, 2022

It was wonderful to hear this talk from Dr. Gauri. A story from the Rig Veda Atharva Veda fame. A beautiful tapestry of mental events around the wedding.

Dr. Gauri started with this beautiful invocation to speech. “O bird of poetry.. Like the merry bird taking off from the pearl-studded cage, take off from the teeth-studded mouths of these poets.”

Suryaa, the daughter of the Surya and Savitri, is the lead character. Her father aspires for a marriage with the mighty Ashwins. When he learns of her desire to marry Soma, he gives in.

The whole narration in my imagination seemed like a metaphor. A phenomenon that a common bride walks through. And why not?

It is natural, the father of a bride is the mighty Anshumaan.. He is the luminary 1000 rayed and the 1000 armed Sun. The groom is Soma. For the to-be-weds, in their state of bliss, elation, and shine, the vara groom would be nothing less than the nectar Soma.

It is springtime and the preparations begin. The womenfolk weave a beautiful garb with motifs.

Her mind travels to his place even before she reaches it. She travels in a bullock cart covered by the canopy of the sky.. The red flaming flowers mark the trial. Her journey is driven by the wheels of her anxious two ears.. And those wheels axled by the speed of her mind..

The bridesmaids accompany her, and their meter-meaning chandas names, seem like celebrations, new voices and wavelengths stemming from her, preparing for the new stage of life.

She embarks on this new journey.. And her former engagements in life were of youth, beauty, and wisdom described as varuna, soma, and agni. It is time for those lords to release her from their captivity.

She is blessed to have the magic of dice and wine. She is blessed to take care of the family and village. He promises not to transgress the lines.. naati charaami.

They offer puffed rice in the homa, symbolic of burning down the ego. They promise to lead a life of example.. And give back to the circle of life and progeny.

This article has trickled down through three generations of women..

On some Etymology..

vivaaha — ‘vaaha’ carrying of wife to the husband’s place.. or transporting the couple into a special journey.

pari-nayam meaning circumambulating




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