The helpless ducklings

Sujatha R
2 min readApr 16, 2020

An uplifting story of heart warming compassion during lockdown days..

It had been raining the past three days.. There was a bit of sunlight today and I started out for a walk amidst the social distancing and silence in the apartment complex.

A mother duck was with her 10 very tiny ducklings. She climbs the curb and the ducklings are struggling to climb.. The persistent act of the ducklings looked so cute that I started recording it from a distance.. Little did I realise in a matter of seconds.. The mother comes down the curb and trots next to an drainage grill back and forth.. All her ducklings that were looking so cute suddenly vanish into the drain one by one.. The mother starts quacking in panic..

I called up the apartment maintenance. Meanwhile, a very simple looking Asian woman was walking by with her 3 year old types.. She starts wondering what to do. She removes the drain mesh.. It was quite deep.. She tried descending a plank but the ducklings don’t make it..

Soon amidst social distancing other Asian women gather in a distance.. One gets a fishing net from home and this kind lady one by one removes the ducklings with the net.

The impatient mother duck meanwhile after seeing a few ducklings starts marching in the other direction thinking job is done.. Side effect of not knowing counting or survival instincts seeing humans around. Meanwhile the ladies fence the mother duck so that it waits till all the ducklings are out..

The ladies were so amazing. They seemed to have a village like innocence and care in them.. The little kind lady in addition taking care of her curious son peeping into the drainage.

The maintenance person comes and helps with the last duckling stuckup in the drainage duct..

What seemed cute and later turned ugly had a happy ending thanks to the kind lady..



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