The holes of Rava Dosa

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Sujatha R
2 min readJun 10, 2020

Amma, Rava dosas are so so crispy and amazing. How do they get these holes?

Well the usual binding of dosas is missing here.

What is that binding Amma?

Let us start with the crispy wadas. You see how firm they are? Wadas are made of a fine paste of soaked udat dal. They form a deep bonding.. The udat dal loose their coarse form and transform into a binding batter.. And remember.. Like egg. this has high binding protein..

udat dal @ wada..

What about other Dosas?

Udat dal by itself is very sticky.. we add rice to it and we get crispy dosas with the magic of the circular spread.. Remember we ferment the batter overnight causing gas to be trapped.. These gases bubble up in the dosas and idli leaving tiny holes.

What about Rava Dosa?

These flours are just mixed in water in a jiffy and not grinded.. rava, wheat flour and rice flour..

wada-dosa-ravadosa alchemy

The rava does not even get dissolved.. And the rice flour partially.. On a hot pan when poured, the rava and rice particles literally jump off forming those craters and holes..

Ah.. That’s the reason..

I guess other flour dosas too have a similar effect. We have to try them.. Enjoy your Rava dosas..



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