2009 Physics Nobel Prize & Some Spectacular Etymology

From the Tower of Observation

Sujatha Ratnala
3 min readMay 11, 2024

Science and Philosophy are perhaps the two sides of human ingenuity that help uncover the vastness of this world. In pursuit of truth.. In pursuit of the unseen..

While the light of Science is young and ever-evolving, the light of Philosophy examines the very nature of the curious mind across the realms of Space and Time.

And Language provides the bearings and framework to think and express. For we would be in utter loss if not for the light of diction.

A myriad words.. From the Greek word ‘skopien’ meaning ‘behold, observe’.. perhaps from Sanskrit ‘pashyati’ meaning ‘to see’

To observe and behold..

inspect.. spectacle.. prospect.. spy

To examine.. To probe..

scope.. telescope.. microscope.. introspect..

To see abundance and diversity through the layers..

spectrum.. spectacular

To classify

species.. specification.. spices

Scientists are a class apart.. Perhaps mortal things do not contain them. There is the fire of Curiosity. To probe and inspect. To see the spectacular.. To see the spectrum of things.. Towers of observation..

I was reading about the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics honors three scientists. In the field of fiber optics and CCD cameras.

While fiber optic cables enable high speed communication and transmission of spectacular video and images, CCD sensor captures the spectacular..

When light falls upon the sensor knocking off electrons and causes a charge. In Astronomy, the CCD sensor at the Hubble Space Telescope has opened the eyes of Science to capture the unknown.. And in our daily lives, CCD sensors have become an integral part of digital cameras and smartphones, capturing spectacular moments as our digital eye.

Such is science, the unending spirit of scientists, and the power of scoping, introspection, and spectacular observations.

“For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.” -Carl Sagan



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