The many Names of Arjuna & Krishna

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Significance of the Names in Gita

Gita is one of the finest piece of poetic marvel and dazzle. The various names of Krishna and Arjuna are very timely placed according to the context. A few observations..

Gudakesha is translated to ‘he who has conquered his sleep’.

In Telugu, ‘gudachaari’ is a detective. Hanuman’s stealth mode search for Sita in Lanka is referred as ‘guda’. It may indicate ‘super alertness’..

The great Gudakesha says ‘Who dare fight with me.. Let me check my opponents.’ And later the same Gudakesha says he will not fight..

In Sunderkand, Sita asks Hanuman ‘Why is that Parantapa ‘annihilator of enemies’ not burning down the ocean and fighting with Ravana’. Tapa indicates fire and Parantapa a warrior with a fire..

The parantapa not wanting to fight now..

Savyasachi in Vishwaroopa Yoga

In my timescale, I have decimated your enemies.. This fight is mere execution for you.. A left handed game.. Go ahead..

Dr Sampad Mishra mentions .. By addressing Arjuna as अनघ anagha in chapter 3, Krishna asserts that Arjuna is sinless, transparent and open, and has no crookedness or evil in him. This makes him fit to receive the teaching.

The sound ‘gha’ has violent motion, hostile action making it resonate with hostility, sin violence. agha as in ‘Aghaayur indriyo ramo.. mogham paartha sa jeevathi’ sinful vain life..

He says, अर्जुन arjuna is connected with the word ऋजु ṛju which means upright, straight, honest, right and sincere. Sun and milk also have these radiant traits.

आर्जव arjuna is a perfect divine representation of qualities like transparency, purity, frankness etc and hence an ideal student.

This name has been used appropriately in around 22 places in Gita.

Rajat, Argentina and Argentinum seem to be related words meaning silver.

A friend mentioned.. Swami Chinmayananda explains the significance of each name of Arjuna. And it would be used so appropriately with a beautiful play of words too.

like Dhananjeya… when krishna is telling him to give up something.

Or Kaunteya , when he wants him to feel the closeness or relation.

Or Bharata, when he wants to signify valor or a rich parampara.



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