The TCP/IP Express of Sanskrit

A Poetic Take on the multi-layers..

Sujatha R
2 min readJun 25, 2023

For something that has preserved its transmission over 1000s of years, there had to be order, order, and layers of order.. Some poetic parallels with the TCP/IP stack of the Internet, a set of protocols that build one on top of another, and help in the seamless transmission of data.

At the bottom of this Ocean, is the factory of Physical Elements. The mouth, the teeth, the tongue.. the rubbing air, the moisture, the friction and heat.. the resonating centers of the chest, neck and the head..

The exhaled airs carried the Sounds.. Vowel & Consonants.. Hard & Soft.. Deep &Shallow

There were 2 kinds of Sounds.. The Short and the Long.. And a myriad combination of Pulses. A Signature was stamped, and verse upon verse, the same meter followed.

The pathways were strong, reliable, and redundant. Data integrity was the key.. The Link Training was intense.. From simple wordwise to the complex ghana paata of sliding windows.

The IP routers of teachers, oral traditions, books, and the Internet of Today.

Compound words compressed. Words shuffled for rhyme and meter. The payloads glued by the rules of Sandhi.

The embedded tools of alankara & metaphors, similies & illustrations.

Hence was transmitted the timeless works of epics and scriptures..

The receiver side decoding.. In High Definition fidelity or Low Resolution comprehension

Frame Aligninment with the tune, meter, and verse boundaries..

Fragmentation at word borders..
Daisy Chaining the verb clusters, and the reassembly pipeline of Anvaya..
Decompressing the compound words..
the Metaphors and Alankaras..
Comprehending the work.. Digesting, Contemplating, and Assimilating

And in this manner, the United Express of vaak and artha, sounds and meanings delivered innumerable works in the rails of time to its dearest mankind..



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