At the party of Cooking and Tasting, This Wagon silently carried the Moments!

Sujatha R
1 min readJan 25, 2023

Ode to the Water Element!

If we set aside the heat..
What is that one thing that enables Cooking?
What is that one thing that enables transformations?
And finally, What is that one thing that kicks in the taste Buds? And enables food to be Digested and Assimilated?

For Whatsapp messages to travel, comes the wagon of WiFi
For Radio Broadcasting, comes the wagon of FM
For Cellular Phonecalls, comes the wagon of 5G

The wagon of the Waters!
For there is a river of water in every food particle.. Some dry and some wet lands..
Onions caramelise oozing out waters to neibhoring dry territories..
Rice fluffs up absorbing waters
Pooris and Rotis swell up releasing vapored waters
Microwave cooks.. agitating resonating the water particles..

The wagon of the Waters!
As the tongue salivates seeing the delights..
As the saliva carries the taste of the food..
As the nutrients get absorbed in the digested waters..

Inspiration: There is a verse in Gita which talks of the 5 elelments and its connection with the 5 senses. I was startled to see the mention of water in the Tasting domain.. It was a stroke of awe to the Biology student and the ECE engineer in me. Such a basic thing that I had not discovered before.

And on discovering the Physics of Poori, and working of Microwave Oven, my awe just Compounded..

When Physics meets Poori

Invisible Ninjas in the Microwave



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