When Physics meets Poori

A physics lesson between mother and son right in the kitchen.

I had just placed the oil over the stove and my younger son was ready with his plate. ‘Poori..Poori..’ He began to demand. I started explaining him how to roll to contain his curiosity and gain some time building the Poori pipeline. An inspiration from that conversation..

Mommy, what is Poori made up of?

You mean like Chewing Gum? Can I see some Gluten?

All Right.. Tell me how to roll Pooris..

Mommy, How are your Pooris rotating?

I like my Pooris to be totally Puffy. How does that happen?

Mommy, I see you bouncing the Pooris..

Can we drain off some extra oil Mommy?

Dedicated to science conversations that happens at every home right at the kitchen.. Next time you make a Poori, do share some insights with your kids..

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