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Gallery of Visualisations on Gita using Modern Tools

As a sequel to Data Science with Bhagawad Gita, in this article, I have explored advanced visualisations to depict Conversation flow, Questions of Arjuna, Word Clouds, Alphabet and Word Length distributions and mysterious repeating phrases of Gita.

Unfolding the chapters of Gita

Amidst the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Arjuna the Pandava prince is utterly confused. He seeks for guidance from Krishna. The wise Sanjaya narrates this divine conversation to the blind king Dritharashtra.

Chapter wise quantum of Verses and its speakers — 18 Chapters, 700 verses, 4 speakers

60 Exchange of Dialogs— 18 Chapters, 700 verses, 4 speakers

Arjuna’s Questions

Words of Gita

10K words, 3.8K unique words
Max word length 15, Average word length 6
Popular words distribution according to word length

Alphabet Distribution

SCHEMASanskrit Alphabet matrix is inline according to the human vocal anatomy. For simplicity, the representation combines the light and strong sounds under one category ie ‘t’ and ‘th’ combined under ‘t’FINDINGS
1.Words starting with ‘a’, ‘s’, ‘m’ are popular.
2.No words belong to the retro series ‘ṭ’, ‘ḍ’, ‘ṇ’.
TOP WORD IN EACH ALPHABETaham 103 ātmā 37 iti 65 īśvaraḥ 8 uvāca 64 ūrdhvam 3 eva 173 aiśvaram 4 oṁ 4 auṣadhīḥ 1 ṛṣabha 8karma 84 khe 1 guṇa 16
ca 392 chinna 3 jñānam 31 jhaṣāṇām 1
tat 93 deva 16 dhanam 12 na 256
pārtha 38 phalam 16 brahma 42 bhagavān 28 mām 84
yat 79 rūpam 16 loke 12 vā 25
śrī 29 ṣaṭ 2 saḥ 74 hi 67

Word Clouds & Word Categories

Noun & Verb wordclouds
Connector words & Pronoun Word Clouds

Language Inference

- Conversational, Cause Effect discussions, Illustrations, Dialog mood
- Predominantly First Person — Second Person singular Conversation

Recurring Phrases of Gita

Is it likely that the phrases in Gita repeat? How long were the repeating phrases?Under what circumstances should a phrase repeat? Was there a common landing point from different chapters? A few examples.

śreyān sva dharmaḥ viguṇaḥ para dharmāt su anuṣṭhitāt [3.35 -> 18.47]mat manāḥ bhava mat bhaktaḥ mat yājī mām [9.34 -> 18.65]prasīda deva īśa jagat nivāsa [11.25 -> 11.45]

Illustrating the N grams through a circos genome plot:

1. Chapters 1 to 18 represented clockwise as Segments A1 to R18 and colour coded.
2. Ribbon size and colour indicative of the size of the N-gram that was carried forward to the next segment (8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2)
3. Outer Segment colour scheme indicates the contribution of other segments into this segment.
- Maximum Landing Point: Chapter 18 (SUMMARY CHAPTER). Contributions from chapters 3,4,8,9,10,12,16,17&18
- Phrase Repetitions also happens in the same chapter probably for assertion [2,6,11,12,18] and to a lesser extent to a non 18 chapter.- Chapter 14 has no influence to any other chapter

HASH TAGGING BIGRAMS — Language Style Indicators

- Repetitive evidence of rich connector word pairings that aid in poetic rendering and maintaining a distinct conversation style.
Gita Bigrams

Hash tagging Language Patterns for Chapter 3

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