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Sujatha R
5 min readApr 28, 2020

A journey of connection with the words of Gita. A journal of methodologies, intuition, contemplation and notes.

When the pure light of Gita illumines the mind, it can generate a thousand hues.. A few musings in my quest for unraveling this marvel. In 2020, some of my writings and video tutorials on NLP and Dimensionality Reduction were hosted in MyIndiaMyGlory and Aurobindo Society. Do checkout if it interests you.

A journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step. It was a case of serendipity. I was doing a course on Machine Learning and NLP in 2019. It had intrigued me to explore the woods and fabric of the language.

A few years back, a close friend had once said that the Gita had downloaded immense serenity in her. Her words were kind of echoing in my mind but I did not gather the courage for the utter fear of comprehension, linguistic challenges and a craving of a having an unbiased opinion without having to completely rely on translations.

In the words of Gita, there are 4 kinds of winds that can cause this intense urge for inward seeking.. a personal distress, a curious mind, seeking for wellness and the natural inclination for a Gyaani kind of person. When the right moment and inspiration arrives, the call for Gita and the methods to unfold automatically fall in place.

Each of us have our unique ways to connect with the higher ideals and truths. Myraids of teachers, scientists, philosophers and scholars illumine our path. In the case of Gita which is encrypted in the code of Sanskrit, for some they exercise their reading and memory muscle, for some it is their knowledge of Sanskrit grammar, and for some like me, it is contemplation and intuition as I miss the intensity in the former skills.

My interest in high school biology and sciences, love for the sounds of Sanskrit, Yoga teacher training course that expanded the understanding of body mind mechanics and briefly touched upon the scriptures and my background in Communication and Embedded Engineering seemed to have stirred me to get fascinated into this wonderful journey.

Complex words seemed to be thickly interweaved with Sandhi. By latching on to something familiar like Mendaleef periodic table gave me the courage to explore Phonetics Alchemy and the Sandhi intuition. In chapter 3 on Karma yoga, I was wondering why there was a sudden change of context and Newton’s law of motion helped me see the connection. These are just beginner winds depending on one’s background to connect. The real gems start pouring out after this churn. And then Gita becomes a voice and friend in you, helping you navigate in the stream of the currents.

Study of the initial three chapters with the help of tools, provided a ground for structural analysis, language patterns and root words. Once I had this sense of what Gita is like, I stopped the Data Science activity and switched to understanding Gita from lectures.

The path need not be this convoluted for everyone:) And the joy of learning is in sharing. Each of us enjoy at different levels and can only pursue what we delight in.

My thoughts and musings belong to the time and travel of the mind.. I seldom remember and carry the moments with me. I hope it inspires a few people to look into this beautiful world through the eyes of Gita.. to explore Gita in your own paths illumined by your teachers.

I have organised my posts under these sections. Feel freee to jump and checkout the areas interested.

  • Simple Writings from day to day world.
  • Chapterwise summary and notes is an attempt to capture the digest as I progress in my understanding with the help of lecture series or my own extended interpretation.
  • Some musing around tattvas, principles and key points from Gita
  • Patterns, rootwords & algorithms are more related to the Exploration of Gita in Sanskrit in an intuitive manner.
  • Seeing parallels of Gita in other works

Simple Writings

Chapter wise notes and contemplation

  • 12-The path of Contemplation-Bhakthi Yoga
  • 11-Vishwaroopa Darshana, A series of Visualisations
  • 10 -Vibhuti Yoga, Opulence of the Absolute
  • 7–9: The Gyana Vigyana & Akshara Yoga — The knowledge of the Absolute
  • 5–6 -The Gita of Self Mastery & Meditation
  • 4-Kilns of Purification-Gyana Yoga

On some Principles & Tattvas

Exploring Patterns in Gita

Data Science with BhagawatGita
An attempt to analyse the various patterns and clusters using Python and wordclouds. This was also published in MyIndiaMyGlory and Rennaisance Journal by Aurobindo society.

Gallery of Data Visualisation using Modern Tools
Colourful graphing of the patterns using NGram analysis, R and wordclouds.

Video presentation hosted in MyIndiaMyGlory

Etymological Explorations and Root Word Maps

With a few root sounds, how to organically make sense of the many words derived from the root sounds.

Why Ka verse beginnings in Chapter 2?

Grammar Intuition

Meter, Chanting and Sandhi Intuition

Related Topics to Gita

On Cognition and Sensing

About myself..

I have worked as an embedded engineer for 2 decades in the space of mobile communication, power management and multimedia. Most of my writing skills I owe to the myriad work emails, design documents, brilliant presentations and the vibrant minds that I had admired at work place. I have an interest for patterns and slow paced exploration..

I am not a literature person and barely read books. When there is intense curiosity and immense space within.. creativity and answers start flowing in.. And then began my journey of journalling for myself.


I am thankful to the online resources and tools. I am thankful to the lecture series hosted on vedantahub especially Swamy Sarvapriyananda and Swamy Anubhava Saraswathi. I am thankful to the scholars whom I met on Facebook for their motivational posts and encouragement of my work. I am ever thankful to my dear friends who have nurtured my interest in exploration and journaling. I am thankful to my Gita teacher for learning chapter 3 from her.



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