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Sujatha Ratnala
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The Universe is incredibly wonderful with the hidden order and synergy. Curiosity & Fascination for Science, Music, Philosophy is perhaps means to discover the seeker within..

Why does the Poori puff? What’s inside a Mobile? Do ABCDs have a reason?
What’s in a bengali name? Which is simple-Alexa or Siri?
Why the colors in this Universe? Do I see the Shoe as ‘Pink or Blue’?
What’s the poetry in the Suprabatam.. Can I scale the language of Gita?

My background is in embedded engineering, I enjoy learning Sanskrit, listening to Indian Music, and am mother of two teen boys. During my many months of break from work, I seem to have enjoyed the randomness and the stories, that the day to day surroundings had to tell.. And I enjoy listening, learning, teaching and writing. Welcome Reader!

If you are not into these topics, and yet want to just read some of the musings, do jump to the last section of this post.

AI Musings

Chat with Meta AI.. Meghadootha & Sanskrit Banter 
AI and Parallels with Complex Frameworks
AI/ML in the hood of Mathematics

Linguistic Musings

Cracking the ABCD sequence
The TCP/IP Express of Sanskrit
Shakespearean Expressions & Indian Idioms
What's in a Bengali name?
Disassembling the Engineer
When languages play HideNSeek
On Intangibles, Poetry & AI.. A Muse
Learning a complex language.. Man vs MAchine.. A muse

At the Naming Party of the Voice Assistants - Alexas & Siris
At the naming party of the Math Family
What does the Dog Say? Binary sounds
Indian Food Names and some connections

Sanskrit & Independent adaptations in other languages
A 100 sanskrit words on from Love & Bhakti
Sanskrit & the Literature from South
Vedic Etymology - A glance

Nobel Prize 2009 & Spectacular Etymology
Cellular Mission on the Moon.. Earthly 'terra' connections.

Data Science with Sanskrit

Data Science with Bhagawad Gita
Visualisations & Plots with Gita
Words in SundaraKandam
Words of Gitagovindam
Tagore's Dictionaryof Sanskrit words
Thesaurus of Kalidasa - A book review

Kalidasa & Other Works

Meghadootha - The Cloud Messenger
Jayadeva’s Gita Govinda
The mystical weave of Kabir
Tagore, Rabindro Sangeet & Bengali Bits
Decoding Jana-Gana-Mana
Sanskrit songs of inspiration
Bharat Ke Geeth-Patriotic songs from 80s

Keep your cup empty! A muse from Kalidasa's Malvika-Agnimitrau
Kavikula Kalidasa
Meghadoota and Saundarya Lahari parallels
Meghadoota & Sundarakandam parallels

Bartruhari liners

Sanskrit Grammar & Musings

Verb sense in Shanti Mantras
Lot lakaar Illustrations
Vibhaktis in popular chants
Vibhaktis and Styles
Sailing the Pronouns of Sanskrit
Avyayas.. The Indeclinables!
Tadditas - Expanding the Noun Space
The Feminine Forces in Sanskrit..
Milling the Compound Words.. Samasta Padams
Halanta-shabda Vibhakthi forms - Gita
Gita Snippets & Grammar Musings
Indefinites - Some something & nothing
Passive Voice

Grammar bits in Vishnu Sahasranamam
Where did the Visargas Go? Visarga Sandhi in Vishnu-Sahasranaamam
Design patterns & Vishnu Sahasranamas

Grammar patterns in Bhagawad Gita Ch 3
Grammar patterns in Bhajagovindam
Sandhi in Gita (Needs some corrections, Intuitions still good)
Pronounciation & vaak shuddhi for chanting

Anvaya & Unpacking
Vedangas, building blocks, and the linguistic pipeline

Meter in Gita
Meters - Anustap and Tristup
Meters in Stotrams
VruttaRatnakara - A treatise on Chandas- Packing scheme
Encoding the Language Rules.. Ode to Pāṇini
Cushioning the Seed - Dhatu Vikarana
Double Sounds in verbs
Panini's Kaaraka Prakarana.. A taste..
Churning infinite words of Sanskrit

Stotrams & Astakams

Jagannatha Astakam.. May he be my path! 
Ranganatha Astakam.. May my mind revel in it!
Govindastakam.. Exquisite weave of Opposites
Filters, Data Structures & Shankara's Shatpadi
Illustrations in AtmaBodha
Shivananda Lahari
Ayi Giri Nandini!! Hail Mother..

Design Patterns & Vishnu Sahasranamam
Aditya Hridayam.. Simple Grammar Markers
Venkateshwara Suprabhatam
Shiva Tandava Stotram


Posts on Gita: word lists, meanings, inspirations
The Autumn song of Gita
Many names of Arjuna & Krishna
Storytelling the Gita for Kids

Graduation Speech of the Vedic times..Shikshavalli
Shri Suktam.. Invoking the inner wealth
Isha Upanishad.. Seeking abundance
A bride of Vedic times.. Her poetry on change..
Vaak Suktam & Language

Sundara khanda of Valmiki - Some observations
Words & Patterns in SundaraKandam
Balakandam Sarga 1

Opening & Closing verses of Mahabharata
Sampling Yaksha Prashna of Mahabharata
Bheeshma's words of stuthi

Narada's bhakti sutras

Carnatic Music

Decoding Compound Words in Kritis 
Sita Kalyana Vaibhogame.. Decoding the Compound Words.. Part 1
Samaja Vara Gamana.. Grouping & Nesting.. Part 2
Omkara Nada.. Shankarabharanamu.. A Jewel of Music..
Nada tanum anisham.. Ode to the Sounds
Sarasa sama-dana-bheda-danda

Tyagaraja Telugu kritis
Kana Kana Ruchira
Saadinchene O Manasa
MarugElarA.. O Raghava!
Rama! Kodanda Rama!
Ni Daya Raada..
Chalamelara.. Saketa Rama..

Mandooka shabda.. A telugu kuchipudi ballet

Annamacharya Sankeertanaalu

Mullu Koneye Mele - A Purandara Dasa kannada Song
Guaging Kannada with Telugu

Maye tvam yahe - A dikshitar sanskrit kriti

Kids, Science Talk & Education

What's Trignometry.. An intuition
Calculus Explained
Prime Numbers
Physics of Poori
TechForKids - What's a Mobile?
Talking the Current Issues - Voltage, Current and Power

Holes of Rava Dosa
Fluid Dynamics of Coriander
Physics of Baking

What can India learn from US Primary Schools?
Stress free exams - PM's message

Math Musings

Quantum Computing & the Math Problems
AI/ML in the hood of mathematics

Ancient Indian obsession with Binary Systems

Shakuntala's Biopic
Bag of Tools - Words, Numbers & Tech
Magic of cube roots & trial to Ramanujam's number - A fiction story
The magic of Binary Trains
Decoding Baudhayana Pythogoran

Science, Nature, Sensing & Colors

Nature's array of sensing technologies
Mathematics of a Flower
Optical illusion -Is the shoe Pink or Blue?
Optical illusions & Negative Afterimage

The man who saw the elements - Dimitri Mendaleef
Unfolding Human Anatomy - Bodyworks Museum

At the party of Cooking - Ode to the water element
An evening at the the Stanford Astronomy Fair

Famous Quotes on Nature
Quotes of Physicists

Harmony in Colors
Spring, Violets & Chakras
Sounds, Colours & Wheels of Chakras
As Fourier unfolds.. A muse

Nobel Prize 2008 Physics & Spectacular Etymology
Quotes from Nobel Laurates

Science & Technology

Physics of Decafe Coffee
BodyWorks.. Glimpses of Human Anatomy
The Man who saw the Elements - Mendeleev's periodic table
Invisible Ninjas dancing at the microwave

Storytelling the Current Issues - Of Voltage, Current and Power

Instapot Unplugged
Airfryer and Indian Cooking
Unboxing Portal of Facebook
In the era of podcasting
An Instagram story
Youtube & Beyond

'Mind at Play' -Shannon Claude & the Information Highway
Embracing 3As of Camera Technology

Yoga & Sensing

Samskrute Yogashala - Book Review

Physics meets Yoga
Yoga & Breathing
Yoga for Respiratory wellness
Unfolding bliss with Yoga
Affirmations with Surya Namaskaras
Chakra Insights
Deep Sensing with Yoga

SVYASA Yoga Instructor Course
SVYASA Arogyadama & PDC Review
Yoga teacher vocabulary
Asana Stories
Yoga affirmations & Shlokas
Yoga for Kids

Travel & Food

A Trip to Yellowstone National Park

Sukhi Bhava
Gems in the kitchen
Covid Lockdown: Ode to the Food
The Quintessential Curdrice
Relocation to US & Kitchen Hacks
Avakaya Dandakam: Tribute to the mango pickle

Holes of Rava Dosa

Musings & Poetry

Diversity & Bias in Outlook
An oriental friend in the newlands
If my thoughts were a bunch of Roses - A woman's day thought..
"Dui Pakhi".. Tagore's Two Birds.. Two Sides of the Mind
"If" by Rudyard Kipling - Some notes with Gita
"The 3G Tale" - Poetic expansion of 3GPP Acronyms
Light of Deepawali
Light O Moonlight

Upanishad Ganga - Drama series on Timeless Knowledge
Human Evolution.. Case of Ramanujan
Gita, Food Cycle & Surrender

Unforgettable Veena Concert
An Engineer turned Home Maker
The helpless ducklings

Quotes of Rumi
Quotes of Physicists
The Seeker Radha within
Lotus & Poetry
Manasa Sancharare.. The pandemic cooking fever
Our Frequency Response & Impulse Filters

Posts with Pictures

IG: cookmythoughts
IG: thrumygaze

The Autumn song of Gita
Mathematics of a flower
Spring of Violets
Yellowstone National Park

Instagram Moment
Airfryer Experiments
Indian Foodnames & connections
Coriander Hrdraulics
Physics of cookies
Holes of Rava Dosa



Sujatha Ratnala

I write.. I weave.. I walk.. कवयामि.. वयामि.. यामि.. Musings on Patterns, Science, Linguistics, Sanskrit et al..